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How To Turn Off Outlook Notification Sound on Windows 11

Any time you receive a new email, Outlook shows a new notification and plays a sound to alert you that you received a new email. While the notification itself is useful, the notification sound can be annoying at times. This is especially true if you get a lot of emails or you are in a crowded or quiet environment. Thankfully, you can turn off Outlook notification sound from the optional panel.

This tutorial shows you where to find the option and how to disable the Outlook notification sound so that the new email notifications are quiet and not so distracting.

Turn off Outlook notification sound

If you don’t want to hear a notification sound on receiving a new email in Outlook, follow the steps provided below to turn it off.

Step 1: Open Outlook. You can press the Start icon on the taskbar and search and open Outlook from the Start menu.

Step 2: Click the File option on the top bar.

Step 3: Click on Options to open the Outlook settings window.

Step 4: Go to the Mail tab on the sidebar of the Outlook settings window.

Step 5: Uncheck the Play a sound checkbox under the “When new messages arrive” section.

uncheck play sound checkbox to turn off outlook notification sound
uncheck play a sound checkbox to turn off outlook notification sound

Step 6: Click on the OK button to save changes.

Step 7: Relaunch the Outlook application.

Once you relaunch the Outlook application, it will not play the notification sound on receiving a new email. You will still see the notification flyout prompt and it sits in the notification panel for your quick access.

Steps for Outlook for Windows (Store app)

If you are primarily using Outlook for Windows downloaded from the Store app then the steps are a bit different. Open the app by searching for it in the Start menu. Next, click on the Settings (gear) icon, go to the General > Notifications tab, and uncheck the “Play a sound when a message arrives” checkbox. This will stop the Outlook store app from playing a notification sound on getting a new email.

Wrapping up

That’s it. It is that simple to turn off notification sound in Outlook. Depending on which version of Outlook you are using, follow the relevant steps as shown above and it should be good. Since you can still see the notifications, disabling notification sound gives you the best of both worlds. Hopefully, this tutorial helps you in customizing Outlook and reduce the distraction when receiving new emails.

If you are stuck or need help, send an email, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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