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How to Bookmark All Tabs in Chrome At Once

On Chrome, you can bookmark any open tab you want by clicking on the Start icon in the address. However, what if you want to bookmark all tabs at once in Chrome? Imagine researching multiple articles or planning a trip with numerous tabs open. In those cases, bookmarking all tabs at once is quite helpful. This is especially true if you have a ton of open tabs in Chrome.

In this quick and easy tutorial, I will show you how to bookmark all open tabs in Chrome at once so that it not only streamlines your browsing experience but also helps you manage tabs effortlessly. Let’s get started.

Bookmarks all tabs in Chrome

Follow the steps below to bookmark all tabs in the Chrome browser:

Step 1: Open the Start menu, type Google Chrome, and click on the result to open the Chrome browser.

open Chrome browser from start menu

Step 2: Open all the tabs you want to bookmark.

Step 3: Click on the Menu icon and select Bookmark > Bookmark all tabs option.

select bookmark all tabs option in chrome

Step 4: Type a folder name in the top field and click Save.

A quick tip: You can also select a folder from the bookmarks dialog box. Doing so will nest the new folder with all your bookmarked tabs under this selected folder.

type folder name and click save

That’s it. As soon as you press the save button, all the open tabs are bookmarked and saved to the folder you chose. To access the bookmarks, either open and click on the folder on the bookmarks bar or go to the Menu > Bookmarks option. If you are looking for an alternative way, you can either use extensions such as OneTab or group tabs in Chrome.

bookmarked all tabs in chrome

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