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SOLVED✅: Chrome Waiting for Proxy Tunnel Problem

After the downloading proxy script error, I recently encountered another bizarre issue with Chrome. That is, ‘Waiting for Proxy Tunnel’. If you are facing the same issue, follow the below steps to fix waiting for proxy tunnel problem in Chrome.

When you are dealing with “Waiting for proxy tunnel”, the web pages don’t load even with an active internet connection. Moreover, it can make the Chrome browsing experience slow and unstable. The thing that is similar to proxy script error is that only Chrome has this problem,. Other browsers like Firefox and Edge Chromium are unaffected.

What’s Causing the Error?

It will be remiss of me to not tell what I changed on my system that might have triggered the error in Chrome. A couple of days before the problem, I added a TP-Link USB Wi-Fi adapter to my desktop and installed appropriate drivers. Now, I don’t know if this is the main trigger for the error. However, I couldn’t find any other major change I made in the recent past that could’ve triggered the Waiting for Proxy Tunnel error in Chrome.

Depending on what you did with your system, your mileage may vary. There is no concrete reason for this problem.

That being said, I found a workaround that solves the issue. All you have to do is disable automatic LAN setting detection in Windows. Once you do that, the Waiting for Proxy Tunnel error is solved.

Steps to Fix Chrome Waiting for Proxy Tunnel

Just like with the proxy script error, the problem is with the automatic Windows LAN settings. Once you disable the automatic LAN settings, things should go back to normal in an instant.

Steps you should follow to fix Chrome waiting for proxy tunnel error.

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Search for “Internet Options” and open it.
    Fix chrome waiting for proxy tunnel - open internet options
  3. Go to the “Connections” tab.
  4. Click on the “LAN Settings” button at the bottom.
    Fix chrome waiting for proxy tunnel - click lan settings
  5. Here, uncheck the “Automatically detect settings” option.
    Fix chrome waiting for proxy tunnel - uncheck automatic settings option
  6. Click “Ok“.
  7. Click “Apply” and “Ok” in the main window.
  8. Restart the Chrome browser.

From Chrome Browser

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the Menu icon and select “Settings“.
  3. Scroll down and click on “Advanced“.
    Chrome advanced settings proxy tunnel
  4. Under “System” click on “Open your computer’s proxy settings“.
    Open proxy settings chrome
  5. In the Settings app, turn off “Automatically detect settings” under Automatic Proxy Settings.
    Turn off automatically detect settings chrome

That is all. The above steps should resolve the issue of pages not loading in Chrome due to the proxy tunnel problem.

If you are still facing the waiting for proxy tunnel error, reboot Windows and try again. From time to time, the settings are locked and the system needs a simple reboot to apply the new settings.

Wrapping Up

Personally, the error is resolved for me after disabling the automatic LAN settings option. If you are still facing the issue, check for any incompatible drivers and undo any major changes like installing new software, changing network settings, changing system settings, etc., in the last few days. More often than not, undoing the problematic changes should solve the issue.

I hope that helps. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible.

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  1. Avatar for Caroline

    I have this problem and it’s driving me crazy! I’ve tried changing the LAN settings many times but Chrome keeps resetting them. It’s especially bad with one online game I play. Sometimes it takes almost two minutes just to log in! Then it keeps hanging and telling me it’s “waiting for proxy tunnel” and often the game is almost unplayable because of it. I’ve tried playing the game in FireFox and Opera and – so far – that is fine. I could continue in FireFox but I will not give up trying to fix this Chrome problem! I hate programs which don’t work properly and I will continue trying to fix it! I have a very old PC and also a newer laptop and the Chrome proxy tunnel problem is on both.

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