How to Enable or Disable Autofill in Chrome with Just a Few Clicks

Google Chrome web browser has improved the autofill feature a lot. In fact, since the autofill feature is enabled by default, I regularly use Chrome autofill to enter details like addresses and credit details. That being said, maybe you don’t like Chrome having all that data or you don’t like the Chrome autofill feature. In those cases, you can easily disable the autofill feature in Chrome with just a few clicks. Let me show you how.

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Disable Autofill in Chrome

Unlike in the older versions of Chrome where autofill settings are hidden under Advanced Settings, the new version has it front and center. Moreover, Chrome autofill is divided into three major parts. Those are as follows.

  • Passwords: Passwords autofill can generate new passwords and save and sync your passwords between devices.
  • Payment methods: This category stores your debit or credit card information like card number, CVV, expiry date, name, etc.
  • Address and more: This category is dedicated to storing address details.

Disable chrome autofill 02

Since the autofill settings are neatly divided into three categories, you can disable the category you don’t want to use. For example. I use a dedicated password manager called Bitwarden. So, I generally disable Chrome passwords autofill. If you want nothing to do with Chrome autofill feature then you just disable all three categories to turn off Chrome autofill completely.

1. To disable autofill on Chrome, open the Chrome browser and click on the Menu icon (three vertical dots) appearing on the top-right corner. Now, select the Settings option.

Disable chrome autofill 01

2. In the settings, you will see the Autofill section with three categories. To disable a category, click on it and then toggle the first switch to Off position. For example, to turn off password autofill, click on the Passwords and then toggle the switch next to Offer to save passwords. The same is applicable to the other two categories.

Disable chrome autofill 03

Disable chrome autofill 04

Disable chrome autofill 05

That is all. You’ve disabled Chrome autofill.

One thing to keep in mind is that even after you remove Chrome autofill, the autofill information is still present in the browser so that the autofill works as it should when you enable the feature again. If you want to clear Chrome autofill data, you have to manually delete each and every entry in the autofill section.

Enable Chrome Autofill

If you ever want to enable Chrome autofill, just toggle the switches to the On position in each category.

Disable Chrome Autofill on Certain Sites

As of writing this, there is no way for Chrome users to disable Chrome autofill on specific sites. You either turn off autofill in Chrome for all sites or not. There is no middle ground.

Hope that helps. If you like this article, do check out these other Chrome tips.

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