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How to Change Windows 11 Accent Color

Windows 11 lets you change the accent color to whatever you want. This guide shows you how to do it in simple and straightforward steps.

Certain parts in Windows 11, such as the taskbar, quick settings panel, window title bars, Start menu, special icons, etc., use an accent color. By default, Windows 11 automatically set the accent color based on your current wallpaper. However, if you don’t like the current accent color or want to set a different color, you can change the Windows 11 accent color to anything you want to personalize how the system looks and feels. For example, you can choose an accent color that compliments your wallpaper or one that is easy on your eyes.

Whatever the reason, you can use the steps outlined below in this guide to quickly and easily change the accent color on Windows 11.

Change accent color on Windows 11

Use the below steps to set a different accent color on Windows 11:

  1. Launch Settings on Windows 11.
  2. Go to the Personalize tab on the sidebar.
  3. Click on the Colors option.
  4. Click/tap on the Accent color option.
  5. Select Manual from the dropdown.
  6. Select the accent color from the available color options.
  7. With that, the accent color is changed on Windows 11.

Let’s see these steps in detail:

Click the gear icon in the Start menu or use the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to launch the Windows 11 Settings app. Alternatively, you can also click the settings icon in the Quick Settings panel.

In the Settings window, you will see several options on the sidebar. Click on the Personalize tab. Next, click/tap on the Colors option. As you’d expect, this is where you can control the Windows 11 color options.

Click on Windows 11 Colors option

Now, click the Accent Color option to expand it. Next, choose the accent color of your choice under the Windows Colors option. If you want, you can also choose a color from the accent color history.

Important note: If you want to see accent color on the Start menu, taskbar, title bars, and window borders, enable the following options under the Windows Colors section on the Colors page.

  • Show accent color on the start and taskbar
  • Show accent color on title bars and windows borders.
change accent color on Windows 11

If you don’t like the pre-defined colors, you can create your own accent color. For that, click on the View Colors button next to the Custom Colors option.

Click on View Colors button

Now, use the color pallet to make your own color. Once satisfied, click on the Done button. Remember that Windows won’t let you choose an accent color that is too dark or one that makes the text hard to read.

Create custom accent color on Windows 11

Let Windows 11 choose the accent color

If want Windows 11 to automatically choose the accent color based on your wallpaper, use the below steps:

  1. Open Settings on Windows 11.
  2. Navigate to the Personalization tab.
  3. Click/tap on the Colors option.
  4. Select Automatic from the Accent color dropdown.
  5. With that, Windows 11 will set accent color automatically based on your current wallpaper.
Select automatic to let Windows choose accent color on Windows 11

I hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide helped you.

If you are stuck or need help, send an email, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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