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How to Rename Chrome Tabs to Anything You Want

Did you know that you can rename Chrome tabs? This article shows you the steps to change the title of any Chrome tab in a simple way.

Like any web browser, the Google Chrome browser takes the title of the current webpage and displays it as the tab name or title. Since most websites use meaningful titles for their pages, grabbing the title and setting it as the tab name is generally fine. In fact, it is helpful to easily recognize the tab and its content.

As good as the default tab title behavior is, there will be times when you want to rename a Chrome tab. For example, it is common to open several web pages with similar tab titles when researching a specific topic. This makes it hard to differentiate and navigate between them quickly. In those situations, you can change the Chrome tab name to anything you want. Renaming tabs leads to better organization and productivity.

So, without further ado, let me show you how to rename Chrome tabs using a couple of free extensions.

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How to rename Chrome tabs

Google Chrome doesn’t have a native option to rename tabs. The good news is that there is an extension for everything in Chrome. Changing the tab name is no exception. So, let me introduce you to a few free extensions to rename Chrome tabs.

1. Tab Modifier

Tab Modifier is a productivity extension that lets you rename Chrome tabs. Being a productivity extension, it also has other useful features like preventing a tab from closing, duplicating tabs, muting audio of selected tabs, and changing tab icons.

The best thing about Tab Modifier is that you can create URL or website-specific rules. These rules are automatically applied to that target website or page.

How to use Tab Modifier to change tab name:

First, download and install the extension from the link provided below.

After that, open the target webpage, right-click on the extension, and select the “Rename tab.” Type a new tab name in the pop-up window and press the “Save” button.

Rename chrome tabs with tab modifier

When you do this, the page will reload and display the new tab name.

To remove the custom name, go to the Tab Modifier settings page and delete the relevant rule.

Download Tab Modifier

2. Tab Title Tweaker

As you can tell from the name, Tab Title Tweaker lets you quickly change the name of any Chrome tab. Like Tab Modifier, this extension works based on rules. Once you set a rule, it is applied automatically to that specific website or web page.

However, Tab Title Tweaker lacks the features and user-friendliness of Tab Modifier. It just performs one function. However, it is a lightweight and useful extension for renaming Chrome tabs. Just experiment with it and see how it works for you.

How to use Tab Title Tweaker to change Chrome tab name:

First, install the extension using the link below.

Right-click on the extension and select “Options.” Add a rule as shown in the “Examples” field. Click the “Save” button.

Rename chrome tabs with tab title tweaker

Next, open that web page or reload it. The tab should show the new name.

Download Tab Title Tweaker

3. Tab Masker

If you are looking for a simple and lightweight extension to rename a Chrome tab, Tab Masker is for you. No matter what tab you are on, you can easily change its title using Tab Masker.

Being a simple extension, there is no settings page. Moreover, any changes you make to the tab title are not persistent. i.e., the tab name will revert to its original when you close, reload or reopen the tab.

How to use Tab Masker to Rename chrome tab title:

Install the extension, visit the web page, click on the extension icon, type a new in the empty field, and click the “Submit” button.

Rename chrome tabs with tab masker

This action immediately changes the tab name.

Download Tab Masker

4. Simple Tab Renamer

As the name suggests, this is a straightforward extension to rename chrome tabs. In fact, Simple Tab Renamer is very similar to Tab Masker. Once you rename the tab, it only stays that way until you close or reload the tab.

Use Simple Tab Renamer to rename a chrome tab:

Install the extension and open the web page. Click the extension icon, enter a new chrome tab name and click on the “Rename” button.

Rename chrome tabs with simple tab renamer

Download Simple Tab Renamer

Conclusion – Rename Chrome Tabs

As you can see, there are a plethora of extensions for renaming Chrome tabs. Try them out and choose the one that best suits your needs.

For example, if you want an extension that saves changes and allows you to change the Chrome tab title and icon, try Tab Modifier or Tab Title Tweaker (no icon modification support).

If you just want the ability to rename Chrome tabs and don’t mind the changes not persisting over page reloads, try Tab Masker or Simple Tab Renamer.

That is all. It is that simple to rename a Chrome tab.

I hope this simple and easy how-to guide helped you.

If you are stuck or need some help, send an email, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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  1. Avatar for Dell

    Any way to rename Chrome windows (if multiple windows are open?)
    Love the Cluster tab extension for chrome, but Window 1, Window 2, Window 3, … etc is not helpful

    1. Avatar for NJ1n9

      Actually, there’s already a feature for that. Just right click on the windows (not tab, but blank space beside it) And there click “Name Window..”.
      I think that already a common feature on all browser– Okay, wait I take back my words, it’s not available on “All browser” just some of it. But yeah, it’s available on chrome too. Just try what I say above, hope it help.

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