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How to Rename Firefox Tabs Title to Anything You Want

When you visit a website, Firefox will show the page title as the tab name. This helps you quickly find the tab when using multiple tabs. Though this is good, you might sometimes want to rename Firefox tabs.

For instance, maybe you are doing some research and want to organize tabs in a meaningful way. In those situations, you can rename the tabs in Firefox to meet your needs. As an added bonus, the renamed Firefox tabs also gives you some basic privacy from prying eyes. This is especially helpful when you are in public environments like cafes and airports.

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Rename Firefox Tabs

Firefox has no built-in option to rename the tabs. However, you can use add-ons to rename Firefox tabs. Here’s a list of those add-ons. Each add-on has its own specialty, use the one you like.

1. Rename Tab Title

Rename Tab Title is one of the most popular add-ons for renaming tabs in Firefox. After installing the add-on, go to the tab you want to rename, click on the add-on, type a new tab title and hit the Save button. The Firefox tab title will be renamed instantly.

Firefox add-on - rename tab title 1

Firefox add-on - rename tab title 2

Keep in mind that the change is temporary. When you refresh, reload, or close the tab, the original title will be restored automatically. If you want to, you can configure the add-on to automatically rename tabs with certain titles or URLs using Regex. The regex options are available from the add-on settings page.

2. Tab Anonymizer

If you are looking for something more automated and don’t mind the generic tab names then Tab Anonymizer is for you. The execution of this add-on is simple. When you load a web page, the add-on will automatically rename the Firefox tab title with a random preset name like title1, title 2, etc.

Firefox add-on - tab anonymizer 2

Though the add-on uses title1, title2, etc., as the tab names, you can customize the default tab titles from the add-on options page.

Firefox add-on - tab anonymizer 3

As you can guess, this add-on is very useful in public places and office environments.

3. Tab ReTitle

If you are looking for a full-featured tab renamer for Firefox that lets you configure it however you want then Tab ReTitle is for you. Using this simple extension, you can either temporarily or permanently rename a tab.

After installing the add-on, click on it and type the name and you are done. By default, the add-on sets the Firefox tab title temporarily. To make the tab title permanent, you can select “Set for This Tab” options. If you want the entire domain to have a custom tab title then select “Set for This Domain” option.

Firefox add-on - tab retitle 1

For advanced users, the add-on supports regex. This allows you to make the add-on automatically change the Firefox tab title on pattern match. You can do this from the Advanced tab in the add-on Options page.

Firefox add-on - tab retitle 2

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a simple solution and don’t mind the random tab titles then go with Tab Anonymizer. If you want the tabs to remember the custom titles even after reloading or closing the tabs then I would recommend you try Rename Tab Title or Tab ReTitle add-on. Both are pretty good and work as they should.

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