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How to Uninstall McAfee on Windows 10 & 11 (Complete Removal)

If you are using McAfee and cannot uninstall it properly, follow these instructions before uninstalling McAfee on Windows.

McAfee has a pretty bad reputation among the PC community, and rightfully so. McAfee is slow, uses a lot of memory for the simplest of things, consumes CPU like no other, and for whatever reason, takes up nearly 2GB of disk space. In addition to all this, McAfee is annoying because it often behaves like adware and makes it hard to uninstall it from Windows 10.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 01

Generally, you’ll find McAfee on pre-built PCs where OEMs and PC manufacturers install either the trial version or a variant of the paid version. Once you reach the time limit, McAfee starts bugging you to upgrade or renew the product. There is no reason to use McAfee in a world where Windows Defender is doing pretty well, and there are many other good & free antivirus software like Avast and AVG. Especially, Microsoft is actively improving Windows Defender with new features like Windows Defender Sandbox, Ransomware protection, etc. If you want to remove McAfee from your Windows system completely, here is how to do it.

There are two ways to remove McAfee from Windows 10 & 11. The first method is to use the control panel and the second method uses the McAfee removal tool. First, try the first method. If you think McAfee is not uninstalled properly or want to remove all McAfee products at once from your system, follow the second method.

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  1. Manual method
  2. McAfee removal tool method

I’m showing this on Windows 10, but the below methods work on Windows 7 and 8.

1. Uninstall McAfee on Windows

McAfee uninstallation improved over time. Like any software installed on Windows, you can uninstall McAfee from the control panel. Follow the steps provided below:

1. Search for Control Panel in the start menu and open it.

2. In the control panel, click on the “Programs and Features” option. If you can’t find the option, make sure that the View by is set to “Large Icons.”

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 02

3. This is where you can uninstall programs. Find the McAfee antivirus, right-click on it, and select the “Uninstall” option. In my case, McAfee antivirus is called McAfee LiveSafe.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 03

4. In the McAfee uninstall screen, select “McAfee LiveSafe” and “Remove all files for this program” checkboxes and click on the “Continue” button. If you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see that McAfee is not uninstalling its Web Advisor application. We need to uninstall it separately.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 04

5. In this warning window, click on the “Continue” button.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 05

6. As soon as you click on the continue button, the uninstall process begins. It can take some time to uninstall McAfee fully. So, sit back and wait.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 06

7. Here, click on the “No thanks” button.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 07

8. Click on the “Restart now” button to complete the McAfee uninstallation process.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 08

1.1 Uninstall McAfee WebAdvisor

9. Remember, we still need to remove the McAfee Web Advisor application too. So, after restarting the system, go to “Control Panel -> Programs and Features,” right-click on the McAfee Web Advisor and select “Uninstall.”

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 09

10. McAfee can show false data to make you keep the application. In my case, it is telling me that it has protected me from identity and password theft, which is false. Click on the “No thanks, just uninstall it” button on the left side. Not the big blue button.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 10

11. As soon as you click on the button, the application is uninstalled completely.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 11

12. to make sure McAfee is completely uninstalled, restart your system.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 12

13. Even after uninstalling McAfee, it keeps leftover files in the Program Files folder. So, after restarting, open File Explorer, go to C:\Program Files, select McAfee, and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 13

14. If you see a warning window, click on the “Continue” button to delete the McAfee folder on Windows 10.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 14

That’s it. You’ve successfully removed McAfee from Windows. If you are unsure or unable to uninstall McAfee cleanly, follow the second method.

2. Remove McAfee Using McAfee Removal Tool

Like many antivirus software, it can be hard to remove McAfee on Windows 10 due to uninstallation problems or unclean uninstallation. In those situations, you can use the McAfee removal tool to uninstall McAfee on Windows 10. In fact, the McAfee removal tool makes it quite easy to remove all McAfee products from your computer at once. Let me show you how.

1. First, download the McAfee removal tool (direct link) called McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool (MCPR). Once downloaded, double-click on the file to execute the application.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 15

2. On this screen, click on the “Next” button.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 16

3. For some reason (security?), you need to enter a captcha. So, enter the displayed captcha and click “Next.”

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 17

4. Now, sit back and wait. The McAfee removal tool will scan your system for any McAfee products and uninstall them automatically. It can take quite a bit of time to complete the procedure.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 18

5. Once done, click on the “Restart” button to restart Windows 10 to remove any residual McAfee files.

Uninstall mcafee on windows 10 image 19

That’s all. The removal tool will also remove leftover files from the Program Files folder in the C drive. So, you don’t have to bother to remove them manually.

I hope that helps. Follow the above two methods to uninstall McAfee on Windows 10 & 11 and share your experiences using or removing McAfee on Windows 10.

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45 thoughts on “How to Uninstall McAfee on Windows 10 & 11 (Complete Removal)”

  1. Avatar for Arby

    I can’t get anywhere with this evil McAfee (Intel). Their tool did nothing. It hung for a long time. The progress bar didn’t move. Unless it takes a long, long, long time to move, there’s something wrong there. So I just moved on. Most of the ‘help’ isn’t.

  2. Avatar for Tony

    Oh, how I dislike McAfee!
    Your instructions worked perfectly and removed all traces of this useless program from my computer.
    The whole procedure only took about 10 minutes.
    Many thanks!

  3. Avatar for Roy

    A couple of decades after first encountering this pestiferous virus it remains as toxic as ever. Right now I’m trying to remove it from a friend’s PC using the McCrappy exe. Each time it gets stuck at the Removing Product MFP stage. Uninstalling via the Settings app tool does nothing.
    I’ve spent too much time on this bl00dy thing already. Anyone got a NUKE option that doesn’t involve rebuilding the whole laptop?

  4. Avatar for andrew polsky

    Removing it went OK sort of BUT

    1. It left a ghost McAfee on my START MENU – Windows 10 1903
    2. There is tons of Mcafee crap on C drive in “Infused apps” and in Several other folders.

    McAfee was NOT removed com[lately by MCPR

    now what?

  5. Avatar for Doug Turman

    Oh, how I also dislike McAfee!
    I had several frustrating attempts at removal using Windows uninstall. Your instructions using the McAfee Removal Tool worked perfectly and removed all traces of McAfee programming from my computer.
    The whole procedure only took about 15 minutes.
    Many thanks!

  6. Avatar for m harrison

    thank you for taking time to advise people how to remove macfee I tried everything but your advise got rid of it in minutes thank you and good health

  7. Avatar for Rich

    After uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe on a Windows 10 PC using Control Panel I searched for orphaned McAfee files. In Program Files I found the following:

    Program Files > Common Files > mcafee > SystemCore folder
    Program Files (x86) > Common Files > McAfee > System Core folder

    I decided to use the MCPR tool but ClamXAV reported a virus – Win.Dropper.Johnnie-6567749-0 — on the mcpr.exe file after downloading from McAfee. That being the case, it is safe to manually delete the two SystemCore folders?

    1. Avatar for Bashkarla

      More often than not, they are just false positives. Just make sure that you download the MCPR tool from the official site.

      Yes, you can safely remove those folders after uninstalling McAfee.

      1. Avatar for Rich

        It was a false positive. Downloaded the MCPR tool again on a different PC without problems. Ran the tool and it removed the McAfee files in the SystemCore/System Core folders.

        Thank you for your help. It is nice to be free from McAfee.



      2. Avatar for Jesse Edward Canales
        Jesse Edward Canales

        I accidentally did not click restart now and clicked later…Then never restarted my computer! It said McAfee is gone but I have a file I cannot delete! Am I in trouble?

  8. Avatar for Darrell Goodwin

    Thanks for addressing this issue. Mcafee and Norton have been more annoying than actual viruses over many years. I uninstalled Mcafee through, and Norton using their removal tool. I still get frequent popup notifications wanting me to subscribe. The Mcafee removal tool doesn’t let me go beyond the Captcha “security.” After a dozen tries, it has not accepted any of my attempts. Is there another removal tool, or any suggestions?

    1. Avatar for Bashkarla

      If you cannot use both methods shown in the article, do give third-party uninstallers like Revo Uninstaller or Geek Uninstaller. These software are NOT specifically designed for antivirus software but they are good at uninstalling software in general. These software will try and remove all traces of any software you uninstall with them.

  9. Avatar for whateverthehellIwantmynametobe

    Thanks for the easy and clear step by step process!
    I was sick of that thing…
    The false data thing they didn’t try in me though.
    They just said “we analysed 41 downloads”. I know they did, but here’s the thing: I only download pdf’s from my uni’s website (or almost only) so all it did was watse my time

    Thanks again, and sorry for the rant 😉

  10. Avatar for Rick Taylor

    Process using MCPR worked well. Using this, be prepared to WAIT a long time while the files are removed. Some take an age, but it did finished after coffee, a chat and some thumb twiddling. Thanks for the tips.

  11. Avatar for gerry

    How long can I expect it to take the Mcafee tool to work? It just sits there with no progress on the bar. Task manager shows no CPU resources being used? windows methods did not work. I let it sit overnight with no progress.

  12. Avatar for janet crowley

    Yes I am thrilled went to control panel and went to programmes and features and removed Mcafee life safe in a few minutes. Windows defender on now. Also reclaimed nearly 2gb of storage

  13. Avatar for Sashi

    The regular route to uninstall didn’t work. The screen came up but the lower part where you do the checkmarks in the box was blank so therefore the “continue” button did not function. Tried blindly clicking where I thought the boxes were, no luck, my cursor was a straight up stick…no arrow. Arrrrgghhhhh.
    The removal tool worked perfectly, (I hope, I haven’t restarted yet lol ) but I’ll be back if it doesn’t finish

  14. Avatar for Joe Teo

    After using both methods, there are still remnants of Mcafee when I do a keyword search of Mcafee on my drive. Is this normal?

    1. Avatar for Bashkarla

      Sometimes, it happens. Even after you use the official uninstaller, there might be some files/folder. Generally, you can just ignore them as long as you’ve confirmed that the McAfee software is uninstalled.

  15. Avatar for DEB

    Thank you so much for this information…it worked like a charm!! WOW!! Didn’t take long at all using this was a life saver.

  16. Avatar for Zwendelphitizer

    McAfee is evil. If you let it will control your computer life. Most software will allow free agency but not the evil one. I would be doing and recording research and “POW”. A popup, all in red, “You Are Not Protected .” The only thing I am not protected from is McAfee. But I am now. I went through the manual uninstall and it worked perfectly. At this point and time, I will invoke a blessing on the person who gave us freedom from the evil one. Thank you very much.

  17. Avatar for Chris

    How do I remove McAfee OneSearch? I went through the process of removing McAfee off my computer using control panel, but I still have the OneSearch that I can’t turn off or install. I’ve re-installed Chrome a couple times, but that doesn’t help.

    1. Avatar for Bashkarla

      Looks like the McAfee OneSearch is a Chrome extension that is fairly new. Just uninstall the McAfee OneSearch from Chrome and you are done. To do that, type “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar and press Enter. Next, find the OneSearch extension and click the “Remove” button to remove it.

  18. Avatar for Sid Idrsi

    Has anyone found a way to remove mcafee products silently via script? We can’t afford to remove one laptop at a time. Specifically we’re trying to remove “McAfee Small Business – PC Security”

  19. Avatar for Rene Rivera

    The tool certainly does take a long time. Meanwhill, every few seconds a renewalpopup and webpage keep opening every few seconds. it’s like Mcafee has hijacked my computer!

  20. Avatar for Connie Peirson
    Connie Peirson

    I want to delete the entire program from McAfee and let Norton remain as it was before I paid for McAfee. I didn’t know that I already had protection on my computer from Norton so I paid for McAfee. Would someone help me?

  21. Avatar for Jamie

    I have been running McAfee Total Protection without any real issues.
    Two days ago I found a folder on every hard drive, which had been created at the same date and time. $MfeDeepRem is the folder

    I phoned McAfee customer support who confirmed no virus or malware on computer and said that it is a file created by one of their Commercial products Endpoint Security (which I have never had installed on my computer). They said it shouldn’t be there but were useless in helping me to remove it.

    I ran their MCPR tool which removed everything but those folders!

    Could anyone assist please? Or know of a product that I can install to remove these annoying folders.

  22. Avatar for Tom Burke

    All I did was open “Task Manager” scroll down to McAfee removal tool (could have stated deletion tool, can’t remember correctly the name but) and right-clicked it, Press: open where file is located, then from there find the removal tool and open it. It will take about 30 seconds to work and ask you to “Restart.” Restart computer and I found that this removed everything in Windows C:
    Hope this works for you as it did for my computer. No more McAfee for my computer. Peace-out.

  23. Avatar for Jo

    Anyone know how to completely turn off McAfee App Boost? I have it turned off and set to ‘never’, but it keeps restarting. And also, what changes does it make? The report it gives you only says how many changes it made, but not what those changes were.

  24. Avatar for Sahadevan C C

    The MCPR worked for me also. But it left behind so many files (about 60 numbers) the names starting with McAfee. Could you please let me know whether we can delete these files also.

  25. Avatar for Jonathan Beard

    I did not install McAfee on my system but some how I picked up a pop up banner to buy it and I can not get rid of it!!! Any one help!

  26. Avatar for Wayne

    I can’t remove McAfee from the computer. The MCPR tool doesn’t work. The bar never moves, and I get “uninstallation failed” after a period of tome with a log box on the bottom.

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