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How to Turn on Word Wrap in Notepad

Notepad, a simple built-in text editor, is one of the simplest yet highly useful applications in Windows. Whether you want to paste a bunch of text in a pinch or type it out without formatting hassle, Notepad is the application you need. By default, Notepad doesn’t wrap text. i.e., word wrap is disabled. That means, anything you paste or type, if longer than the notepad window itself, goes out of the window with horizontal scroll bars at the bottom. This makes it difficult to read and see all the text at once.

word wrap disabled in notepad

Thankfully, you can turn on word wrap in Notepad so that text doesn’t go out of the window and wraps around. This quick and simple tutorial shows you how to do it.

Turn on Notepad Word Wrap Feature

Step 1: Open Notepad. You can search for it in the Start menu or use the Notepad run command.

open notepad from start menu

Step 2: Click on the View > Word wrap option on the top nav bar.

turn on word wrap in notepad

Step 3: With that, the word wrap feature is enabled in Notepad.

word wrap enabled in notepad

From now on, any text you type or paste in Notepad will automatically wrap around and doesn’t go off the window and show horizontal scroll bars at the bottom of the window.

I hope this small tutorial helped you.

If you are stuck or need help, send an email, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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