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How to Download and Install Microsoft PC Manager

As you use your computer, it eventually fills up with a lot of junk files, unnecessary startup apps, misconfigured security settings, unnecessary apps, and more. This can affect your system’s efficiency That’s where a dedicated PC cleaner and performance optimizer like Microsoft PC Manager can help you. In this article, we’ll show you how to install and use Microsoft PC Manager to keep your computer clean of junk and unnecessary apps.

What is Microsoft PC Manager?

Microsoft PC Manager is the official PC optimization tool from Microsoft for all Windows users. It’s provided as an alternative to the third-party cleanup tools which often harm your computer by doing unnecessary things like registry cleanup. PC Manager is free and can be installed from Microsoft Store.

Features of Microsoft PC Manager

  • Clean up junk files with a single click.
  • Optimize memory usage by freeing up RAM, crucial for better PC performance.
  • Find and manage large files in the C drive. Very helpful when your C drive is full.
  • Quick access to several built-in tools and folders like the snipping tool, screenshot folder, recorder, etc.
  • Control which apps launch at startup to improve boot times.
  • Monitor and manage ongoing processes for better system performance.
  • Perform a deep cleanup to free up space on the C drive.
  • Taskbar repair options.
  • Block pop-up windows (security feature).
  • Manage Windows security settings (security feature).

Does Microsoft PC Manager support Windows 10?

Yes, Microsoft PC Manager supports Windows 10 v 1803 or higher.

How to Install Microsoft PC Manager

Microsoft PC Manager is available for free via the Microsoft Store. Follow the below steps to download and install it.

First, go to this page and click on the Download button.

download Microsoft PC Manager

When you see the Open Microsoft Store pop-up, click the Open Microsoft Store button.

click on open Microsoft store

Click the Get button in the Microsoft Store pop-up window. This will download and install the Microsoft PC Manager.

click get to install Microsoft PC Manager

Using Microsoft PC Manager

Once you install the Microsoft PC Manager, here’s you can use it to optimize and protect your PC to improve system performance.

Open Microsoft PC Manager

After installing the application, open the Start menu, search for PC Manager, and click on the top result. It opens the Microsoft PC Manager window.

open PC Manager from start menu

Once it opens, click the Start button.

click start

Free up your PC’s resources

To free up the PC resources, click the Home tab on the sidebar and then on the Boost button. It automatically deletes all the temporary files and optimizes the memory usage (RAM usage).

click boost

Schedule PC Boost

For regular PC optimization, you can also set up Smart Boost. To do that, click the Settings option on the sidebar and then turn on the Smart Boost toggle.

turn on smart boost in pc manager

Once you enable Smart Boost, the PC Manage will automatically boost your PC when the RAM usage is high or when the temporary files are greater than 1 GB.

Scan your PC with Defender

To scan your computer for threats, go to the Protection tab and click the Scan button next to the Microsoft Defender Antivirus option. This action launches the Defender application and runs a quick scan.

click scan next to defender

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Block pop-up windows

One of the most useful features of Microsoft PC Manager is the ability to block pop-up windows by any application.

To block pop-up Windows, go to the Protection tab and click on Pop-up Management.

click on pop-up management

Here, turn on the Enable pop-up block toggle.

turn on pop-up blocking in pc manager

Perform deep cleanup

If you are low on disk space, you perform deep cleanup to free up space. To do that, navigate to the Storage tab and click on the Scan button next to Deep Cleanup.

click scan to deep clean

Once the scan is done, select all the checkboxes and click the Proceed button.

run deep clean

As soon as you click the button, PC Manager will perform a deep cleanup and free up a significant amount of space.

deep clean done

Find and manage large files in the C drive

To find large files in your C drive, navigate to the Storage tab and click on the Manage Large Files option.

Next, select the size of your choice, select all the checkboxes under Type, and click the View in File Explorer button.

find large files

This action immediately opens the File Explorer with all the filtered files in your C drive. Once you have the list, do whatever you want with those files. For example, you delete unnecessary big files to free up space.

Disable unnecessary startup apps

PC Manager also makes it easy to disable unnecessary startup apps. Simply go to the Apps tab and click on the Startup Apps option.

click on startup apps

Next, turn off the toggles of the application you don’t want to start automatically with Windows.

manage startup apps

Access useful Windows tools via Toolbox

As I said earlier, PC Manager lets you access several built-in tools, options, and folders with just a single click. You can even add your favorite websites to the quick launch section.

To access the toolbox, click on the Toolbox option on the sidebar.

Toolbox in PC Manager

For quick access to the toolbar, turn on the Show toolbar on the desktop toggle. You minimize the toolbar by dragging it to either side or top of the screen.

To add your favorite websites to the quick access section, click on the Add Link option next to Custom Links, type the website URL & name, and click the Add button.

add custom link

Let PC Manager start with Windows

Last but not least, you can add PC Manager to the Windows Startup. That way, you don’t have to open it manually and the application can perform scheduled actions like boosting your PC.

In the PC Manager window, click on Settings on the sidebar and turn on the Start PC Manager automatically when I sign in to Windows toggle.

add pc manager to startup

And there you have it! It’s that simple to download, install, and use Microsoft PC Manager on Windows.

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