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How to Highlight Mouse Cursor with Yellow Circle in Windows

For presentations or screen recording, follow these steps to highlight the mouse cursor with a yellow circle or ripple effect in Windows.

If you are in a presentation or recording the screen with software like OBS, you might want to highlight the mouse cursor so that it is easy to follow. Often, most of us like to add a yellow circle behind the mouse pointer to highlight it. In this quick post, let me show you the process of highlighting the mouse cursor with a yellow circle background in Windows 10.

How do I Highlight Mouse Cursor in Windows

These the steps you should follow to highlight the mouse cursor with a yellow background.

  1. Download PenAttention.
  2. Install the application by double-clicking on the exe file.
  3. After installing open it from the Start menu.
  4. Now, right-click on PenAttention icon in the taskbar and select “Highlight settings“.
    Windows cursor highlight - pa settings
  5. Here, select the “Highlight mouse as well as pen” option.
    Windows cursor highlight - enable pa
  6. To change the color to yellow, click on the “Color” box, and select the yellow color.
    Windows cursor highlight - pa color
  7. Click on the “Apply changes” button.
    Windows cursor highlight - pa apply settings

Issues with display scaling:

The application works perfectly fine for the most part. However, if your screen’s display scaling is anything other than 100%, the highlight will detach from the mouse cursor.

To fix that, open the application’s settings and click on the “Auto-detect” button next to the “Display scaling factor” option. This will force the application to recalibrate the mouse cursor highlight according to your current display scaling settings.

Windows cursor highlight - pa auto detect

You can also make the highlight circle big or small using the slider under the “Circle” section.

Use PointerFocus (Freemium Alternative)

If the PenAttention application is not working for you then try PointerFocus.

  1. Download PointerFocus.
  2. Install the downloaded application.
  3. After installing, open the Start menu, search for “PointerFocus” and open it.
  4. As soon as you open, you will see a yellow ring around your mouse pointer.
    Windows cursor highlight - pf default highlight

Customizing Mouse Cursor Highlight Size & Color

If you don’t like how the default highlight looks, you can change it to a filled circle and reduce its size. Here’s how.

  1. Right-click on the PointerFocust application in the taskbar and select “Options“.
    Windows cursor highlight - pf options
  2. Go to the “Highlight cursor” tab.
  3. Here, set the Size value to “50” and Circle Width value to “30“.
    Windows cursor highlight - pf cursor size
  4. Click on the “Ok” button to save changes.

Once the changes are applied, you should see the mouse cursor highlighted by the yellow circle. If not, play with the size and width settings you see the desired outcome.

Windows cursor highlight - pf changed cursor highlight

To change the highlight color, click on the color box next to the “Color” option.

Windows cursor highlight - pf color

You can quickly enable or disable the cursor highlight by right-clicking on the taskbar icon and selecting the “Highlight cursor” option or by pressing the F8 key on the keyboard.

Windows cursor highlight - diable pf

Note: PointerFocus is a paid application. However, you can use it for free as long as it is not for commercial purposes. The only limitation is that it will show the upgrade prompt every five minutes.

Install Mouse Cursor with Yellow Circle (Alternative Way)

If you don’t want to install any software just to highlight the mouse cursor then you need to create a new mouse cursor scheme in Windows.

  1. Download the Yellow Circle Cursor.
  2. Open the Start menu, search for “Mouse settings” and open it.
  3. On the right page, scroll down and click on the “Additional mouse options” link.
  4. Go to the “Pointers” tab.
  5. Here, select “Normal Select” option and click on the “Browse” button.
    Windows cursor highlight - browse
  6. Go to where you’ve stored the downloaded cursor, select it and click “Open“.
    Windows cursor highlight - select cursor
  7. This will add the cursor to the pointers. Click on the “Save as” button.
    Windows cursor highlight - save as
  8. Name the cursor scheme anything you want and click “Ok“.
    Windows cursor highlight - name cursor scheme
  9. Now, click on the “Apply” and “Ok” button.Windows cursor highlight - apply cursor

That is it. As soon as you do that, Windows will enable the new mouse cursor. You can see it action right away.

Windows cursor highlight - custom cursor

To revert back to the default mouse cursor, open the Pointer options and select the “Windows Default (system scheme)” option from the drop-down menu and save the changes.

Windows cursor highlight - default cursor scheme

As you can see, it is very easy to highlight mouse cursor in Windows 10. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible. If you like this article, check out how to change mouse cursor color and size in Windows 10.

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