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How to Disable Delivery Optimization & Save Bandwidth in Windows 10

The new Delivery Optimization feature is designed to share updates downloaded to your PC with other PCs on the local network and even on the internet. If you don’t like this behavior, follow the below steps to disable delivery optimization.

What Actually is Delivery Optimization Feature?

In older versions of Windows, it used to be that you will always download updates directly from Microsoft servers. Considering how many Windows users there are, more often than not, this made it downloading updates slow. To deal with that, in Windows 10 Microsoft introduced a new feature called Delivery Optimization. Using this feature, Windows 10 can download updates from local or internet-connected PCs. Of crouse, the same feature also uploads Windows updates for other PCs to download your updates. You can think of this as a peer-to-peer network. As you can guess, thanks to Delivery Optimization you are no longer bottlenecked by MS servers when downloading updates.

As good as the feature is, there will be times when Delivery Optimization is using all or most of your bandwidth. This doesn’t help that there are no limits on Delivery Optimization out of the box. It can take up all your bandwidth without any remorse whatsoever unless you configure it not to do so.

In those cases, you can simply disable Delivery Optimization. Let me show you how.

Steps to Completely Disable Delivery Optimization Feature

Unlike in the previous versions of Windows 10 where the feature is hidden pretty deep, it is now front and center so that you can easily enable or disable Delivery Optimization. Just follow the steps as it and you will good.

1. First, press Win + I to open the PC Settings app. This is where you can manage delivery optimization settings.

2. In the PC Settings app, go to the “Update & Security → Delivery Optimization” page. This page consists of all the settings related to Delivery Optimization and its related features like Activity Monitor.


3. On the right panel, the switch under “Allow downloads from other PCs” to the OFF position.


That is all. It is that simple to disable delivery optimization. In case you wondering, once you disable the feature, it will not download or upload updates from or to other PCs on the local network or over the internet.

Hope that helps. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible.

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