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How to Add Apps to Taskbar on Windows 11

Wouldn’t it be nice to open your favorite applications with just a single click? You can do that by pinning your favorite apps to the taskbar. For example, you open your browser almost every day. In fact, even multiple times in a single day. Adding your browser icon to the taskbar lets you open it with just a single click on the icon. No need to search for it in the Start menu or use the desktop shortcut. It’s such a simple thing but enhances your PC usage experience by many folds.

Without further ado, let’s learn three methods to add apps to the taskbar on Windows 11. The end result of all three methods is the same. So, follow the method you want.

From the taskbar

First of all, open the application you want to add to the taskbar if it is not already opened. To open it, you can search for it in the start menu or double-click on its icon on the desktop.

When the application is open, you will see its icon on the taskbar. Right-click on the app icon you want to pin and choose the “Pin to taskbar” option. That’s it. The app icon is added to the taskbar. From now on, clicking on the icon will open the application.

add apps to taskbar from taskbar
app pinned to taskbar

Add an App to Taskbar From the Start Menu

Alternatively, you can pin your favorite app directory from the Start menu. To do that, press the “Windows logo key” on your keyboard to open Start. Next, search for the app you want to pin. Once you find the app, right-click on it and choose the “Pin to taskbar” option. The app icon is instantly added to the taskbar. If you want to add more apps, follow the same steps for each application.

add apps to taskbar from satrt menu

Drag and Drop Desktop Shortcut onto Taskbar

If you have a shortcut icon for your favorite app on the desktop, simply drag and drop it onto the taskbar. To drag and drop, click and hold the shortcut icon, drag it onto the taskbar, and release the mouse button to drop it. This action automatically pins the app to the Windows 11 taskbar.

drag and drop app icon onto taskbar to pin

Pin an App to Taskbar From File Explorer

Open the File Explorer and navigate to where the app shortcut is located. If you cannot find the shortcut, you can create one. To do that, find the app’s exe file in the File Explorer (usually located in “C:\Program Files\AppName” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\AppName” folders), hold down the “Alt” key on your keyboard, and drag and drop the exe file in the same folder. This will create a shortcut icon for the application.

Next, right-click on the shortcut icon, click on “Show more options” and then choose the “Pin to taskbar” option to add it to the taskbar.

pin app to taskbar from file explorer

Other than apps, you can also pin folders, drives, files, websites, and Chrome profiles to the taskbar.

Remove an App Icon From the Taskbar

To remove an app icon from the taskbar, right-click on the app icon and click on the “Unpin from taskbar” option.

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