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How to Enable Inverted Colors on Windows 10

Inverted Colors, also known as Color Inversion or Negative Color is a built-in accessibility feature on Windows 10. This feature improves the visibility of on-screen elements to make the text easier to read, reduce eye strain, and details sharper. If you are someone who’s looking to enable the inverted colors feature on Windows 10, this article guides you through the steps. Let’s get started.

Enable Inverted Colors on Windows 10

Open the Settings window by pressing Windows key + I.

In Settings, navigate to the Ease of Access > Color Filters page.

Here, turn on the Turn on color filters toggle.

turn on color filters option

Once you enable the color filters, select the Inverted option to reverse colors on the display. It makes your screen display negative colors.

select inverted to enable inverted colors on Windows 10

If you want grayscale (black & white) color inversion, select the Grayscale inverted option.

grayscale inversion

Keyboard shortcut to Activate Inverted Colors on Windows 10

You can also enable and disable inverted colors with a keyboard shortcut. To do that, select the Allow the shortcut key to toggle the filter on or off checkbox in the Settings > Ease of Access > Color filters page.

You can use the Windows key + Ctrl + C shortcut to toggle the inverted colors on or off.

select the checkbox to enable keyboard shortcut to toggle inverted colors on or off

And there you have it! It is that simple to activate inverted colors on Windows 10. If you have any questions, comment below and we’ll answer.

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