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Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17682 is Out Now – See What’s New

Microsoft just announced its new weekly Redstone 5 Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17682 for Fast Ring. The new build 17682 contains improvements to sets, Microsoft Edge browser, and Post-upgrade setup experience. The new build 17682 is available to users who opted in to Skip Ahead.

Below are some of the improvements and fixes you can find on the Windows 10 insider build 17682.

Sets Improvements

Microsoft is improving Sets so that it is even more obvious to launch apps. When you click the plus button in a Sets window, you will now see apps included in your frequent destinations list. The new tab has also been integrated with all the app. From now on, you can browse through and open the apps that support Sets.

Build 17682 apps in sets

Wireless Projection Has New Settings Bar for Better Control

If you are someone who projects your screen from an app or file explorer, you might have found yourself not knowing if the projection is working properly or how to disconnect.

That changes with build 17682, you will now see a new settings bar at the top of the screen, just like you would see in a Remote session. The new settings bar show the status of the connection and let you disconnect or reconnect to the same link. If need be, you can also tune the projection by clicking on the Settings gear and then selecting a mode. The default mode is productivity.

  • Game mode minimizes the screen to screen latency to make gaming over a wireless connection possible.
  • Video mode increases the screen to screen latency to ensure the video on the big screen plays back smoothly and without glitches.
  • Productivity modes strikes a good balance between game mode and video mode where the screen to screen latency is responsive enough that typing feels natural while ensuring videos don’t glitch too often.

Build 17682 projection control bar

Edge Web Authentication Evolution

Microsoft further improved the web authentication and the Edge browser now includes unprefixed support for web authentication API.

Install RSAT on Demand

Starting from this build, you no longer have to download and install RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) from Microsoft website. Instead, it is available as an optional feature which can be installed from within Windows 10.

Just go to “Settings -> Apps and Features > Manage Options Features,” click “Add a Feature” and install RSAT from the list of options features.

Build 17682 - optional rsat module

Improved Post-upgrade Experience

The new post upgrade screen will allow Windows 10 to allow users to know and enable new features available since you last upgraded without changing any old settings while upgrading. If you want to go through, click on “Let’s go.” If you want to go straight to the desktop and click “Skip for now.”

Build 17682 post upgrade screen

General Changes, Fixes, Known Issues for PC

  • We fixed the issue for Windows Insider Program for Business folks where PCs using AAD accounts to receive new flights (via Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program) where they would see a “Fix me” option presented and couldn’t to receive the latest flights.
  • We’re experimenting with adding tips and suggestions to the Settings homepage. If you see one of these, you can choose to opt out by clicking the “…” in the top corner.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in some apps missing pinned and recent items when you right-clicked their icons in the taskbar.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in File Explorer showing blank/generic icons for any file type associated with a UWP app.
  • We fixed an issue where Alt + Tab would sometimes unexpectedly have duplicate entries for app windows in recent flights.
  • We fixed a crash when asking Cortana to play any music in recent flights. This issue also impacted the ability to launch apps using voice commands.
  • We fixed an issue where if the taskbar jump list didn’t show (for example if you clicked away before it finished launching), the next time you watched a video full screen the taskbar would unexpectedly appear on top of the video.
  • We fixed an issue where you couldn’t scroll to the end of the clipboard items list (WIN + V) using mouse wheel/touchpad.
  • We fixed an issue where the wallpaper and app preview thumbnails were unexpectedly flipped when using Task View in Arabic or other bidirectional display languages.
  • Screen snipping (WIN + Shift + S, or other entry points) will now default to rectangular snipping. Your most recent mode selection (rectangular or freeform) is preserved across invocations, so you may not notice a change if you have already been using this experience.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in the “Add a feature” page in Settings not finding any features in the last few builds.
  • We fixed an issue where text written using OTF fonts wouldn’t show up when printed.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in some apps failing to launch recently with application error 0xc0000005 when certain antivirus software programs were installed.
  • We fixed an issue impacting certain touch-capable devices where all Bluetooth accessories would periodically stop working until the screen was touched.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in some explorer.exe hangs when using Remote Desktop, projecting your screen, or having multiple monitors in recent flights. This issue may also have led to Microsoft Edge hangs.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in multiple Win32 apps and system components becoming unresponsive after waking from sleep in the last two flights.

Known issues

  • We’re working on adding dark theme in File Explorer and the Common File Dialog, but we still have some things to do. You may see some unexpectedly light colors in these surfaces when in dark mode.
  • After updating to this build, Mixed Reality Portal will reinstall the Mixed Reality Software and environment settings will not be preserved. If you need your Mixed Reality home experience to persist, we recommend skipping this build until these issues are fixed.
  • Some Insiders may find increased reliability and performance issues when launching Start on this build. We’re investigating.
  • Some Insiders may experience some bugchecks (GSOD) on this build with “Critical Process Died” error.
  • If you have a Surface Studio, it will fail to update to this build with a “Your PC hardware is not supported on this version of Windows 10” error.

Learn more about the new build and its know issues for Sets and Office from the official Windows blog post.

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