3 thoughts on “What is defaultuser100000 Folder in C Drive & Should You Delete It?”

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    I recently found this answer given on social.technet.microsoft
    I do not know if it’s a correct answer however it does seem to make sense.

    “The defaultuser100000 folder is created when you click “I forgot my password” or “I forgot my PIN” in the lock screen. It creates a temporary user to let you access password recovery options.
    If you do it multiple times (sometimes I click that option by accident instead of “sign-in options”), it creates additional folders like defaultuser100000.YourComputerName, defaultuser100000.YourComputerName.000, and defaultuser100000.YourComputerName.000.001.”

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      I have same, until defaultuser100000.YourComputerName.
      It’s mean, I can delete this folders?

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