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How to Uninstall Copilot on Windows 11

In the latest version of Windows 11, Copilot is installed and enabled by default. You can open it by clicking on the Copilot icon on the taskbar or by pressing the Windows key + C shortcut. If you like to use Copilot then it’s great to have. However, if you don’t use it, you can either disable or uninstall Copilot.

Unlike the previous versions where you can only disable Copilot, with the new update, you can now uninstall Copilot from the Installed Apps page in Settings. In this tutorial, I will show the simplest way to uninstall Copilot on Windows 11. Let’s get started.

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Uninstalling Copilot from Windows 11

1. First, open Windows Settings by pressing the Windows key + I shortcut.

2. In the Settings window, go to the Apps tab on the sidebar.

3. Click on the Installed Apps option in the ‘Apps’ page of the Settings window.

4. Find the Microsoft Copilot app and click on the three dots icon next to it.

5. Select the Uninstall option.

select uninstall to uninstall copilot

6. Click the Uninstall button when prompted.

That’s it. Selecting the Uninstall option instantly uninstalls the Copilot app from Windows 11. While not necessary, restart your computer for good measure.

Once you remove the Copilot app, the default shortcut used to open it, Windows key + C, will do nothing when you press it.

It’s that simple to remove Copilot from Windows 11. If you have any questions, comment below and I will answer.

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