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How To Show FPS Counter in a Steam Game

Want to see the frame rate (FPS) of your Steam games? It’s pretty easy and you don’t have to use any third-party tool. Steam has a built-in option that lets you show an FPS counter in any game. A frame rate counter is one of the easiest ways to assess a game’s performance. Once you know the average FPS of a game, you can customize the game’s graphics settings to further improve its performance. In this tutorial, we’ll show how you can enable the Steam FPS counter and customize it for better visibility. Let’s get started.

Turn On the FPS Counter in Steam

First, open the Steam client application. Click the Windows logo on the taskbar, search for Steam in the Start menu, and click on the top result.

open steam client by searching for it in the start menu

Once the Steam client opens, click on the Steam and select Settings. This opens the Steam settings window.

open steam settings by select Steam and then Settings

In this window, select the In Game tab on the sidebar. Next, find the In-game FPS counter option and select a position from the dropdown menu next to it. For example, choosing Top-Left will display the FPS numbers in the top-left corner of your screen.

enable FPS counter in Steam settings and select a position to show the FPS numbers

That’s it. Now, you’ll see an FPS counter in all your Steam games.

FPS counter in game

Customize the FPS counter’s look

The default FPS counter is pretty unobtrusive to not distract you from the game. However, if you find the FPS numbers hard to read, you can make them more visible. In the In Game tab of the Steam settings window, turn on the In-game FPS counter high contrast color toggle.

enable FPS counter high contrast color

With high-contrast color enabled, the FPS counter becomes much easier to read.

FPS counter in game using high contrast color

And there you have it! It’s that simple to display the frame rate in any game using the Steam client application. I hope this simple guide helped you.

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