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How to Show Seconds in Windows 11 Clock

Microsoft made a lot of changes to the taskbar and clock. These changes streamlined the taskbar but also removed a lot of useful features that we have been enjoying for a long time. However, thanks to the user feedback, Microsoft added back the option to show seconds in the Windows 11 clock. If you are someone who likes to see seconds in their clock, you can enable it directly from the taskbar options page in the Settings app. Unlike the older Windows versions, you don’t have to modify the registry.

In this step-by-step tutorial, let’s learn how to modify the Windows 11 clock to show seconds. Let’s get started.

Check your Windows 11 Version

The option to show seconds in the Windows 11 clock has been added only recently. Ensure that you are using Windows 11 v22H2 Build 22621 or higher.

To check the current Windows 11 version, open the Run dialog (press Windows key + R), type winver, and click “OK.” The resulting “About Windows” window will show your current Windows 11 version and build number (look at the highlighted image below).

Show Seconds in Windows 11 Clock

First, open the Settings app on Windows 11 by pressing the “Windows key + I” shortcut. Once the Settings window opens, navigate to the “Personalize” > “Taskbar” page. Click on the “Taskbar behaviors” section and select the “Show seconds in system tray clock” checkbox.

select 'Show seconds in system tray clock' checkbox

The above change immediately forces Windows 11 to display seconds in the taskbar clock.

seconds in Windows 11 clock

Seconds in Clock Increases Power Usage

Keep in mind that, as Windows 11 warns, displaying seconds in the clock will increase power consumption. While it is not an issue for desktop computers, laptop users must be cautious as it increases the battery drain and reduces the overall backup time and battery life. As a laptop user, if battery life is important to you, it is recommended not to enable seconds.

Can’t See Seconds in Windows 11 Clock

You have to select the “Show seconds in system tray clock” checkbox in taskbar settings to see seconds in the clock. If you don’t see seconds even after selecting the checkbox, reboot your computer or restart Windows Explorer. It should fix the problem.

“Show seconds in system tray clock” Checkbox Not Available

If the “Show seconds in system tray clock” option is not available in the taskbar settings, you might be using an older Windows 11 version. Update Windows 11 to the latest version and you will have the option to display seconds on Windows 11. To update Windows 11 to the latest version, open Settings (press Windows key + I), navigate to the “Windows Update” page, and click on the “Check for updates” button.

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