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How to Reset the Settings App on Windows 11

Is your Settings app crashing, freezing, or generally slow? You can fix these issues and more by simply resetting the Settings app. I’ll show you two ways to reset Settings on Windows 11. Follow the one you like.

Click ‘Reset’ in App Settings

If you can open and use the Settings app, you can reset it directly from within the app itself.

To begin the process, click on the Windows logo and search for Settings. When you see the results, make sure the “Settings” result is selected and select App Settings on the right panel of the Start menu.

Select the App Settings option

In the App Settings page, scroll down to the “Reset” section and click on the Reset button. Windows 11 will ask for confirmation, hit the Reset button in the confirmation prompt.

The Settings will close itself and reset in the background.

click the reset button in the Settings app to reset it

Use a PowerShell Command

If the Settings app is crashing, freezing, or generally unusable, you can reset it with a PowerShell command.

First, press the Windows key + X shortcut or right-click on the Start menu and choose Terminal (Admin). In the terminal window, run the below command. It will re-register and reset the Windows 11 Settings app.

Get-AppxPackage *windows.immersivecontrolpanel* | Reset-AppxPackage

You will not see a response after executing the command. It is normal. Close the terminal window.

run the PowerShell command to reset settings on Windows 11

Note: Windows Terminal opens with the PowerShell tab by default. If it didn’t, you can open it by clicking on the downward arrow on the title bar.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully reset the Settings app on Windows 11.

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