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How To Join Windows 11 Insider Program

The insider program gives access to the newest Windows 11 feature before everyone. It’s free to join Windows 11 insider program. Here’s how.

Since Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new way to experience new and upcoming features. That is, by joining the Windows Insider Program. Unlike the old days, you don’t have to wait till the major version update. You can simply install the newest insider build and test features.

After joining the Windows Insider program, the OS will automatically download the newest dev or beta builds according to your preference. Depending on the build, you can try new features before regular Windows 11 users.

Just as in Windows 10, you can join Windows 11 Insider Program with just a few clicks. Keep in mind that you have to use a Microsoft account to sign in to join the insider program.

This accessible how-to guide will show you how to join Windows 11 Insider program, how to select an insider channel in Windows 11, and how to get a new insider build in Windows 11.

Important note: though you can upgrade to new insider builds without data loss, the same is not valid for reverting. If you want to use a stable release build, you have to stop insider builds and wait for the release build or completely reinstall the OS. So, be aware of that fact before installing an insider build on your computer. I recommend you not join the program or install an insider build on your primary or production machine.

Steps to Join Windows 11 Insider Program

You can get into the Windows 11 insider program directly from the Windows Update page in the Settings app. All it takes is a few clicks, and you are good to go.

However, before proceeding, make sure you are logged in with a Microsoft account in Windows 11. Once you confirm that, proceed with the steps below.

  1. Open Windows 11 Settings with “Start + I.”
  2. Choose “Windows Update” on the sidebar.
  3. Click on the “Windows Insider Program” option.
  4. Press the “Get Started” button.
  5. Click the “Link an account” button.
  6. Select your Microsoft account when prompted and click “Continue.”
  7. Choose the insider channel of your choice.
  8. Click “Continue.”
  9. Read the agreement and press “Continue.”
  10. Press the “Start now” button.
  11. After restart, go to “Windows Update” in Settings.
  12. Click “Check for updates.”
  13. Install the newest Windows 11 insider build.
  14. With that, you have joined the Windows 11 Insider program.

Same steps with screenshots and a bit more detail:

To begin with, open the Windows 11 Settings app. You can use the “Windows key + I” shortcut or click the Settings icon in the Quick Settings panel. Go to the “Windows Update” page in the Settings app and click on the “Windows Insider Program” option.

join Windows 11 insider program

Once on this page, click the “Get Started” button next to the “Join Windows 11 Insider Program” option.

click get started

As you do that, Windows 11 will ask you to link your Microsoft account. To do that, click the “Link an account” button. This action will show the account selection screen. Choose your Microsoft account and click the “Continue” button. Press the “Continue” button again in the Settings window.

link Microsoft account

Select the insider build channel of your choice and click the “Continue” button. If you want to experience all the latest features and improvements as they are released at the expense of stability, select the “Dev Channel” build. If you wish for reliable builds and can wait a few weeks to try new features and improvements, choose the “Beta Channel.” I decided on the “Dev Channel.”

select Windows 11 insider channel

Click the “Continue” button again.

confirm Windows 11 insider channel

Read the agreement and press the “Continue” button.

accept agreement

Finally, press the “Restart Now” button. Doing so will apply the necessary changes to make the machine ready to receive new insider builds.

restart Windows 11

After restarting, open the Settings app, click on “Windows Update” on the sidebar, and click the “Check for updates” button.

As soon as you do that, Windows 11 will check, download, and install available insider build according to the insider channel you chose. Sometimes Windows 11 might download additional optional or cumulative updates as needed.

download Windows 11 insider build

After the insider build is downloaded and installed, reboot the computer.

restart to install Windows 11 insider build

With that, you have joined the Windows 11 Insider program, selected an appropriate insider channel, and installed an insider build via Windows update.

It is that simple to join the insider program in Windows 11.

I hope this simple and easy Windows 11 how-to guide helped you.

If you are stuck or need some help, comment below, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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