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Download Windows Server 2025 Wallpapers [Hi-Res]

Microsoft just recently announced the Windows Server 2025. As part of it, it also released a couple of stunning wallpapers. These wallpapers look pretty similar to the current Windows 11 wallpapers but with much more elegance. While Microsoft did not announce or release these wallpapers publicly, hawk-eyed users already extracted them from the ISO and published them for everyone. If you are craving some new wallpapers from Microsoft, you can download the Windows Server 2025 wallpapers either individually or combined using the links below.

Windows Server 2025 Wallpapers

Below are the hi-res wallpapers of Windows Server 2025. To download individual wallpapers, click on the wallpaper to open it in a new tab. Once it opens in a new tab, right-click on the image and select Save Image As option. Select a destination folder and hit the save button.

Light wallpaper:

light wallpaper

Dark wallpaper:

dark wallpaper

To download both hi-res Windows wallpapers at once, click here. It’s a zip file. Simply double-click on the downloaded file and you can access both wallpapers.

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