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How to Clear Spotify Cache in Windows 10

If the Spotify cache is using up disk space or if it is corrupted, these are the steps you should follow to clear Spotify cache in Windows 10.

When you play songs in Spotify, it automatically caches those media files on the disk. This allows Spotify to not download the same songs when you play them again. Caching is an awesome feature because it reduces the data usage on repeated songs and gives you a seamless listening experience.

However, under certain circumstances, like sudden power failure, corrupted Spotify cache is a huge possibility. In other cases, Spotify might be using up a lot of disk space to cache media files. In those kinds of cases, it is better to clear Spotify cache. Once you delete the Spotify cache, any problems associated with playback and account settings will mostly be resolved.

So, without further ado, let me show you the steps to clear Spotify cache in Windows 10.

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1. Spotify Cache Location

This is where Spotify saves its cached data. Depending on the Spotify version you are using, follow the relevant cache path. Replace UserName with your actual Windows username.

Regular win32(exe) Spotify cache location:


Microsoft Store downloaded Spotify cache location:


2. Clear  Spotify Cache in Windows

If you’ve installed the regular win32 (exe) version of Spotify then follow these steps to delete Spotify cache.

  1. Close Spotify if it is running.
  2. Open Run dialog box with “Windows Key + R” keyboard shortcut.
  3. Copy the below path.
  4. Paste it in the blank field of Run window. Click “Ok“.
  5. Select all the files and folders with the “Ctrl + A” shortcut.
  6. Delete all the selected folders and files.

That is all. You’ve successfully cleared the Spotify cache. You can now close the File Explorer window.

3. Clear Microsoft Store Spotify Cache

If you installed Spotify from Microsoft Store then it saves the cached data in a different place. However, it is just as easy to delete the cache.

  1. Close Spotify if it is running.
  2. Open Run window with “Windows Key + R” shortcut.
  3. Copy the path below.
  4. Paste it in the blank field and press Enter.
  5. Select all the folders and files in the “Data” folder.
  6. Press “delete” key on your keyboard to delete them

That is all. Once you delete the cache folders, Spotify cache is cleared.

Spotify Download Location

Spotify download location and the cache location and different. You can generally find the download location directly on the Spotify settings page. Open Spotify, click on the user icon, and select “Settings”. Scroll down, click on the “Show advanced settings” button and you will see the download location under the “Offline songs storage” section. If needed, you can also change Spotify download location with just a few clicks.

I hope that helps. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible. If you are like this article, check out how to stop Spotify autostart in Windows 10.

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