How to Change Keyboard Language Shortcut in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can install multiple languages and if available, you can install multiple keyboard languages and layouts. This lets you chose your favorite language and layout while typing. Generally, you can either use the language bar option in the taskbar or a keyboard shortcut to switch between keyboard languages. Though the language bar option is pretty unintrusive, the keyboard shortcut can be triggered accidentally. After all, the default shortcut is Left Alt + Shift, which is not that hard to press accidentally. If you are like me who have installed multiple languages and keyboard layouts, it can be frustrating when the keyboard language or layout is changed accidentally due to an unwanted key press. To avoid that, you can change the keyboard language shortcut with ease. Let me show you how.

Change Keyboard Language Shortcut in Windows 10

In the previous versions if Windows 10, you can use the Control Panel options to change the keyboard language switching shortcut. However, Microsoft removed that ability in the recent versions. Now, you need to dig through the settings app to find and change the keyboard language shortcut. The problem is, the option to change the keyboard language shortcut is buried so deep that unless you know where to look for, it is very hard to find. But, follow the steps below and you should be golden.

1. First, open the settings app by pressing the keyboard shortcut Win + I. You can also search for the settings app in the start menu. In the Settings app, click on the “Devices” option.

Windows 10 change network location type 01

2. In the devices page, go to the “Typing” tab appearing on the left panel. On the right panel, scroll down, find the “Advanced Keyboard Settings” link under the More Keyboard Settings section and click on it.

Change keyboard language shortcut 02

3. The above action will open the advanced keyboard settings page. Here, find the “Language Bar Options” link under the Switching Input Methods section and click on it.

Change keyboard language shortcut 03

4. As soon as you click on the link, the Text Services and Input Languages window will open. In this window, go to the “Advanced Key Settings” tab, select “Between Input Languages” option under Hot Keys for Input Languages and click on the “Change Key Sequence” button.

Change keyboard language shortcut 04

5. Windows will now show the keyboard shortcuts you can use to switch between keyboard languages under the “Switch Keyboard Layout” section. Select the keyboard shortcut of your choice and click on the “Ok” button to save changes.

Change keyboard language shortcut 05

6. Click on the “Apply” and “Ok” buttons in the main window and you are good to go.

That is all. It is that simple to change the keyboard shortcut to changing keyboard layout.


As you can see, though hard to find, it is nothing hard to change the keyboard language shortcut in Windows 10.

If you want to, you can even set custom keyboard shortcuts for specific keyboard language by selecting the specific language and then clicking on the “Change Key Sequence” button in step 5. Next, select the “Enable Key Sequence” checkbox. Unlike the keyboard language switching shortcut, you can set almost any shortcut you want using the two dropdown menus. Just like before, click on the “Ok” button to save changes once you are done and you are good to go.

Change keyboard language shortcut 06

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