All Must Know & Useful Windows 10 Calculator Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some of the must-know and most useful Calculator keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 for faster calculations and navigation.

You may not notice it but the calculator app in Windows 10 is one of the most used applications. This is particularly true if you are a student, office works, or a programmer. For instance, I use the app at least a couple of times each and every day for a variety of things. In fact, the calculator app is my goto when it comes to value conversions.

Though most of us use the calculator app on a daily basis, we often don’t know that the app itself has a wide range of keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation and calculations. After all, Microsoft doesn’t do a good job at highlighting the said keyboard shortcuts. More often than not, knowing the specific keyboard shortcuts will help you get things done not only quickly but without constantly moving your hand to use the mouse.

So, without further ado, below are some of the most useful calculator keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10.

Note: Most of the below keyboard shortcuts work in Windows 7 and 8. However, some keyboard shortcuts are specific to Windows 10 and might not work as intended in other versions.


Calculator App Keyboard Shortcut

For ease of use, I divided the keyboard shortcuts into three different sections. The first section contains the general keyboard shortcuts. The next two sections contain keyboard shortcuts for specific calculator modes. i.e, Programmer mode and Scientific mode.

General shortcuts

The shortcuts below are for the general mode that the calculator opens by default.

Keyboard ShortcutShortcut Function
Alt + 1Open Standard mode
Alt + 2Open Scientific calculator
Alt + 3Open Programmer calculator
Alt + 4Open Date calculator
Ctrl + MStore data in memory
Ctrl + RRecall data in memory
Ctrl + LClear data in memory
Ctrl + PAdd data to memory
Ctrl + QSubtract data from memory
Ctrl + Shift + DClear calculator history
Ctrl + HEnable or disable history
@Quick square root calculation
F9Select ±
RSelect 1/x
Delete(CE) Clear current input
Esc(C) Clear all input

Programmer mode shortcuts

For the below shortcuts to work as intended, you need to be in programmer mode in the Calculator app.

Keyboard ShortcutShortcut Function
%Select Mod operation
F2Select DWORD
F3Select WORD
F4Select BYTE
F5Select HEX
F6Select DEC
F7Select OCT
F8Select BIN
F12Select QWORD
A through FSelect A through F
JSelect RoL
KSelect RoR
<Select Lsh
>Select Rsh
|Select OR
^Select Xor
~Select NOT
&Select AND
SpacebarToggle bit value

Scientific mode shortcuts

For the below shortcuts to work as intended, you need to be in scientific mode in the Calculator app.

Keyboard ShortcutShortcut Function
%Select Mod
F3Select DEG
F4Select RAD
F5Select GRAD
Ctrl + GSelect 10x
Ctrl + OSelect cosh
Ctrl + SSelect sinh
Ctrl + TSelect tanh
Shift + SSelect sin-1
Shift + OSelect cos-1
Shift + TSelect tan-1
Ctrl + YSelect y√x
Ctrl + NSelect ex
DSelect Mod
LSelect log
MSelect dms
NSelect In
OSelect cos
PSelect Pi
QSelect X2
SSelect sin
TSelect tan
VSelect F through E
XSelect Exp
YSelect xy
#Select x3
!Select n!

That is it.

I hope that helps. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible. If you like this article, do check out useful Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts.

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