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A List of All Windows Shell Commands

Shell commands make it easy to access deeply buried system folders in Windows. Here is a list of all the Windows shell commands.

Windows has a variety of shell commands to open important folders quickly. One of the best things about Windows shell commands is that they allow you to launch deeply buried folders with a single command. For example, if you want to open the Printer devices page, you don’t have to dig through the Control Panel or Settings app. You can use the shell command.

I regularly use the shell commands to open all kinds of folders. Once you get used to and remember the frequently used shell commands, it is pretty straightforward.

Since Windows has a lot of shell commands, I’ve assembled a simple list of all the shell commands you can use in Windows 10 & 11 operating systems.

Use them as you need. Bookmark this page so that you can take a quick look if you ever forget your favorite Windows shell command.

The shell commands listed below will work in both Windows 11 & 10.

Table of contents:

Windows Shell Commands List

Below is the list of all the known and useful Windows Shell Commands. For ease of reading, I’ve listed them in a table format with a brief description. Every command is self-explanatory. For instance, shell:Start Menu opens the Start Menu folder. shell:Downloads will open your Downloads folder.

S.NoShell CommandShell Command Description
1shell:SendToSend to folder
2shell:Start MenuStart menu folder
3shell:StartupRoaming Startup folder
4shell:Common StartupStartup folder
5shell:RecentRecent items folder
6shell:Roaming TilesRoaming tiles folder
7shell:CommonVideoPublic user account’s Public Videos folder
8shell:OneDrivePicturesOneDrive pictures folder
9shell:PrintersFolderPrinters folder with a gallery of all printers
10shell:Common ProgramsPrograms folder in the Start menu folder
11shell:Camera RollCurrent user’s Camera Roll folder
12shell:TemplatesTemplates folder inside Roaming folder
13shell:InternetFolderInternet folder (no longer available in Windows 11)
14shell:AppDataDocumentsApp Data Documents folder (no longer available in Windows 11)
15shell:My PicturesCurrent user’s Pictures folder
16shell:UserProgramFilesApp Data > Local > Programs folder
17shell:PrintHoodPrinter Shortcuts folder
18shell:MyComputerFolderThis PC folder in File Explorer
19shell:ProgramFilesX86Program Files (x86) folder
20shell:My VideoCurrent user’s Videos folder
21shell:Common TemplatesProgramData > Templates folder
22shell:NetworkPlacesFolderNetwork page in File Explorer
23shell:PublicPublic user folder
24shell:NetHoodNetwork Shortcuts folder
25shell:AccountPicturesRoaming Account Pictures folder
26shell:ProgramFilesCommonCommon Files folder
27shell:SearchHistoryFolderSearch History folder (no longer available in Windows 11)
28shell:CSCFolder(no longer available in Windows 11)
29shell:Recorded Calls(no longer available in Windows 11)
30shell:Local DownloadsDownloads folder
31shell:AppDataProgramData(no longer available in Windows 11)
32shell:PublicLibrariesPublic user’s Library folder
33shell:ProgramFilesX64Program Files folder
34shell:ProgramFilesCommonX86Program Files (x86) > Common Files folder
35shell:Administrative ToolsWindows Tools folder
36shell:UserProfilesUser profiles folder
37shell:PublicAccountPicturesPublic user’s Account Pictures folder
38shell:SearchTemplatesFolder(no longer available in Windows 11)
39shell:ThisDeviceFolderThis Device folder
40shell:CookiesINetCookies folder
41shell:Local PicturesCurrent user’s Pictures folder
42shell:ImplicitAppShortcutsImplicit App Shortcuts folder
43shell:VideosLibraryVideos folder
44shell:ResourceDirResources folder
45shell:WindowsWindows Folder
46shell:Device Metadata StoreDevice Metadata Store folder
47shell:ThisPCDesktopFolderDesktop folder
48shell:Common Administrative ToolsStart menu Windows Tools folder
49shell:SystemSystem32 folder
50shell:HistoryHistory folder
51shell:PersonalCurrent user’s Documents folder
52shell:Quick LaunchQuick Launch folder
53shell:LinksLinks folder
54shell:User PinnedUser Pinned folder
55shell:MusicLibraryCurrent user’s Music Library folder
56shell:Common Start MenuProgram Data > Start menu folder
57shell:RingtonesAppData Local Ringtones folder
58shell:Original Images(no longer available in Windows 11)
59shell:AppDataFavorites(no longer available in Windows 11)
60shell:ProgramFilesCommonX64Program Files Common Files folder
61shell:LocalizedResourcesDir(no longer available in Windows 11)
62shell:My MusicCurrent user’s Music folder
63shell:DesktopCurrent user’s Desktop folder
64shell:AddNewProgramsFolderGet Programs page in Control Panel
65shell:CommonPicturesPublic user’s Public Pictures folder
66shell:ControlPanelFolderControl Panel Items page
67shell:SavedGamesCurrent user’s Saved Games folder
68shell:Common AppDataProgramData folder
69shell:DpapiKeysAppData > Protect folder
70shell:SavedPicturesPictures > Saved Pictures folder
71shell:OneDriveMusicOneDrive music folder
72shell:CommonDownloadsPublic Downloads folder
73shell:GameTasksGame Explorer folder
74shell:CacheINetCache folder
75shell:PublicGameTasksPublic Game Explorer folder
76shell:Retail DemoRetail Demo folder (may not work on all systems and Windows versions)
77shell:PhotoAlbums(no longer available in Windows 11)
78shell:Common DocumentsPublic documents folder
79shell:ChangeRemoveProgramsFolderPrograms and Features page in the Control Panel
80shell:MAPIFolder(no longer available in Windows 11)
81shell:CommonRingtonesRingtones folder
82shell:SearchesCurrent user’s searches folder
83shell:ProgramsStart Menu Programs folder
84shell:SystemCertificatesSystem Certificates folder
85shell:Local DocumentsDocuments folder
86shell:PicturesLibraryPictures folder
87shell:CryptoKeysAppData Crypto folder
88shell:RecordedTVLibrary(no longer available in Windows 11)
89shell:ContactsContacts folder
90shell:Local VideosVideo folder
91shell:AppDataDesktop(no longer available in Windows 11)
92shell:OneDriveOneDrive folder
93shell:OEM LinksOEM Links folder (may not work on all systems and Windows versions)
94shell:OneDriveDocumentsOneDrive documents folder
95shell:HomeGroupFolder(no longer available in Windows 11)
96shell:Common Start Menu Places(no longer available in Windows 11)
97shell:AppMods(no longer available in Windows 11)
98shell:ConflictFolderSync Center Conflicts folder in the Control Panel
99shell:CD BurningTemporary Burn folder
100shell:FontsFonts folder
101shell:CommonMusicPublic Music folder
102shell:CapturesCurrent user’s Video > Captures folder
103shell:Development Files(no longer available in Windows 11)
104shell:HomeGroupCurrentUserFolder(no longer available in Windows 11)
105shell:SyncCenterFolderSync Center page in Control Panel
106shell:RecycleBinFolderOpe Recycle Bin
107shell:3D Objects3D Objects folder (may not work in Windows 11)
108shell:LocalAppDataLowAppData LocalLow folder
109shell:SearchHomeFolderSearch results page in File Explorer
110shell:Application ShortcutsAppData Local Application Shortcuts folder
111shell:DownloadsDownloads folder
112shell:FavoritesCurrent user’s Favorties folder
113shell:CameraRollLibraryCurrent user’s camera roll folder
114shell:ScreenshotsPictures > Screenshots folder
115shell:SavedPicturesLibraryCurrent user’s Saved Pictures folder
116shell:ProfileCurrent user’s profile folder
117shell:ConnectionsFolderNetwork Connections page in the Control Panel
118shell:Local AppDataAppData > Local folder
119shell:OneDriveCameraRollOneDrive camera roll folder
120shell:ProgramFilesProgram Files folder
121shell:Common DesktopPublic user’s desktop folder
122shell:CredentialManagerCredentials folder in ‘Appdata > Roaming’ folder
123shell:SyncResultsFolderSync Results folder in the Control Panel
124shell:AppDataAppData folder
125shell:LibrariesCurrent user’s libraries folder
126shell:DocumentsLibraryCurrent user’s documents folder
127shell:SyncSetupFolderSync setup page in the Control Panel
128shell:AppsFolderApplications folder
129shell:Roamed Tile Images(no longer available in Windows 11)
130shell:UserProgramFilesCommonAppData > Local > Programs > Common folder
131shell:SystemX86SysWOW64 folder
132shell:Local MusicMusic folder
133shell:UsersFilesFolderCurrent user’s profile folder
134shell:Playlists(no longer available in Windows 11)
135shell:UsersLibrariesFolderLibraries folder
136shell:AppUpdatesFolderInstalled Windows updates page in the Control Panel

How to Use Windows Shell Commands

Using Windows shell commands is pretty straightforward. You can do it using the Run dialog window.

First, open the Run dialog box with the Win + R keyboard shortcut. Next, copy the shell command of your choice, paste it in the blank field and click the Ok button or press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Windows shell commands

When you click the Ok button, the respective folder will open in the File Explorer.

Shell commands folder opened

That is all. If you like this list article, check out our other useful lists.

I hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide helped you.

If you are stuck or need some help, comment below, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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