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How to Uninstall Your Phone App from Windows 10

Your Phone app causing problems or don’t want to use it? Follow these steps to uninstall Your Phone app in Windows 10.

A long while back, Microsoft created an app called Your Phone to link your Android phone to Windows 10. Once you install the Your Phone app in both Android and Windows 10 and sign in to your Microsoft account, both devices are linked almost instantly. After linking both devices, you can access several of your phone’s content and features on the computer. For example, you can access your phone’s media, messages, contacts, etc. On supported Android models, you can even mirror the phone screen, make phone calls from Windows 10, pin Android apps to the taskbar, etc.

Though the Your Phone app is pretty useful for a good number of people, not everyone uses it for one reason or another. For example, the app might be causing Bluetooth problems or it did not have the feature you are looking for or you just don’t want to use the Your Phone app. In those cases, you can remove Your Phone app from Windows 10. That way, you don’t have to worry about another unused app installed on the computer.

In this quick and simple Windows 10 guide, let me show you the steps to uninstall Your Phone app in Windows 10.

Uninstall Your Phone app

On Windows 10, the Your Phone is considered a system app. This means that, unlike the regular store apps, you will not find the “Uninstall” option when you right-click on the Your Phone app in the Start menu or the Settings app. So, we have to use the PowerShell command to uninstall the Your Phone app in Windows 10. Here is how to do it.

  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Search for “PowerShell.”
  3. Right-click on “PowerShell.”
  4. Select “Run as administrator.”
  5. Type “Get-AppxPackage “*YourPhone*” | Remove-AppxPackage“.
  6. Press Enter key on your keyboard.
  7. Your Phone app is immediately uninstalled.
  8. Close the PowerShell window.

To uninstall Your Phone, you should open PowerShell with admin rights. To do that, open the Start menu, search for “PowerShell,” right-click on the result and select the “Run as administrator” option.

After opening the admin PowerShell window, paste the below command and press the Enter button on your keyboard. This action will execute the command to remove Your Phone app from Windows 10.

Get-AppxPackage “YourPhone” | Remove-AppxPackage

After uninstalling the Your Phone app, you will not see any kind of confirmation message. It is normal. If you search for it in the Start menu or look at the apps list, you will no longer find the Your Phone app.

PowerShell command to uninstall your phone app

That is it. It is that simple to uninstall Your Phone app in Windows 10.

If you ever want to reinstall the app, go to the Microsoft store and click the install button.

Command explanation

For those of you who are curious about the command we used, here is some explanation.

First, we get Your Phone app package details using the “Get-AppxPackage” command. Next, the package details are directly piped into the “Remove-AppxPackage” command which removes or uninstalls the Your Phone app.

You can use this same command line format to uninstall any Microsoft store app as long as you know part of the app package name and it is not protected with special system permissions.

I hope that helps. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible.

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