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TranslucentTB: Free Taskbar Customization App is Now in Microsoft Store

Windows 10’s default taskbar appearance is pretty good. You can make it fully solid, apply your favorite accent color, and even make it transparent to some extent. If you want to further customize the taskbar look and appearance then look no further than the TranslucentTB app which is now available in Microsoft Store.

TranslucentTB – Taskbar Customization App

TranslucentTB is an open source [Github link for source code] and free app that lets you customize the look and feel of the taskbar. Using TranslucentTB you can make the taskbar look completely transparent, apply Windows 10’s fluent design look, make it opaque, or simply apply some blur effect.

When you install and enable TranslucentTB, it will override your color and personalization settings for taskbar configured via the Settings app.

Since TranslucentTB allows you to apply fluent design to the taskbar, when you have a colorful wallpaper, the taskbar looks really cool. For example, below are some examples of how your taskbar might look like when using different modes in TranslucentTB.

Translucenttb modes

One of the things I really like about TranslucentTB is that it lets you set different taskbar settings for different actions like when you open the start menu, when you are on the desktop, when you maximize a window, open Cortana, etc. All you have to do is click on the TranslucentTB icon in the taskbar, go to the mode and select how you want the taskbar to look like. If you don’t want to use a specific mode, just uncheck the “Enabled” option and you are good to go.

Translucenttb mode selection

For advanced users, you can manually edit the taskbar appearance by editing a configuration file. To open the configuration file, click on the TranslucentTB icon, select “Advanced” and then select the option “Edit Settings.”

Translucenttb settings

As TranslucentTB is completely free, give it a try. If you like customizing your system then you will like the power and flexibility provided by TranslucentTB.

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