How to Rename Scheduled Task in Task Scheduler

Renaming a scheduled task in the task scheduler is not as easy as right-clicking and selecting “Rename.” But it is not hard either. Here’s how.

If there are tasks on Windows that you do daily, like launching a program when you start your system, backing up files, shutting down Windows at a specific time, etc., then what you need is Windows Task Scheduler. Though it looks simple, Windows Task Scheduler is quite powerful and lets you automate almost anything in Windows.

I automate several tasks on my Windows machine. For instance, I have a task to open Thunderbird and Firefox when I log on to my system, backup Thunderbird, launch FreeFileSync batch files, backup data, and auto shutdown Windows at night, etc.

TL;DR, I use Task Scheduler extensively to automate quite a few things on Windows.

As helpful as it is, for whatever reason, once you create a task in the Task Scheduler, you cannot rename the scheduled task. You are stuck with whatever name you gave while creating the task.

Why Can’t You Rename Task in Task Scheduler

There is no definitive answer to why you cannot rename a task in Task Scheduler. Maybe it somehow messes with how Task Scheduler works with the tasks. But that is not the case on older versions of Windows. In Windows XP and Windows 2000, the task files are typically saved in the %SystemRoot%\Tasks folder with .job extension. Whenever you want to rename a task, you have to rename the file and you are good to go.

In the newer Windows versions, you can no longer do that. If you go to the Tasks folder, you won’t even find any files, at least with the .job extension.

But, that doesn’t mean you cannot rename scheduled tasks. Without further ado, let me show you how to rename a task in Task Scheduler in Windows 10.

Rename Scheduled Task

I’m showing the procedure in Windows 10, but it will work on Windows 7 and 8.

The trick to rename a scheduled task in the task scheduler is to export and import it again. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but it is not. Follow the steps, and you will rename the task just fine.

1. First, search for “Task Scheduler” in the start menu and open it.

Rename scheduled task - open task scheduler

2. In the Task Scheduler, select “Task Scheduler Library” on the left panel to see all the tasks. Now, right-click on the task you want to change the name and select “Export.”

Rename scheduled task - export scheduled task

3. Browse to any location and save the file by clicking the “Save” button. You can name the file whatever you want; mind the .xml file extension.

Rename scheduled task - save exported task

4. We need to import the task again to rename it. On the right panel, select the “Import task” option.

Rename scheduled task - click import task

5. Browse to the previous location, select the exported task and click on the “Open” button.

Rename scheduled task - open exported task

6. While importing, you can rename the task. Enter the new task name in the “Name” field, enter a proper description in the “Description” field and click on the “Ok” button.

Rename scheduled task - enter new name

7. That is it. You have successfully renamed the scheduled task in Task Scheduler.

8. Don’t forget to delete the duplicate task with the old name. To delete the task, right-click on it and select “Delete.” If you want to be careful, disable the task by choosing the “Disable” option. Once you are sure the imported or renamed scheduled task is working as it should, you can delete the old disabled scheduled task.

I know this is a roundabout way, but it is the best you got to rename a scheduled task in Task Scheduler on Windows. Comment below if you face any difficulties or know another way to rename scheduled tasks in Windows 10.

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