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How to Remove Suggested Content & Tips in Windows 10 Settings App

The suggested content, tips, and links in the PC Settings app are not helpful yet distracting? Here’s a simple way to remove them completely.

In the PC Settings app, you can see embedded suggested content and tips on almost every page. Generally, these tips and suggested content will contain links to official documentation, quick tips, and even videos demonstrating a feature. By default, these tips and suggested content will appear to the rightmost side of the page. If the window is not wide enough, the same content will appear at the bottom of the main page.

These tips in the Settings app are mainly intended to help you find your way through different options and show how you can use them to your benefit. However, most of the video tips are very basic and most of the help links are nothing but Bing search queries. If you ask me, these are not that helpful. What’s more, these tips and suggested content blend in with other components of the Settings app like “Related Settings” and option links. This makes it quite confusing for new users.

So, if you think these embedded tips are not helpful to you, you can easily remove tips and suggested content from the Windows 10’s settings app. It is quite easy to do. Let me show you how.

1] From Settings App

The PC Settings app itself has options to quickly remove suggested content and video tutorials from it. All you have to do is toggle an option and you are done.

Open the Settings app by pressing the Win + I keyboard shortcut. In the Settings app, go to “Privacy → General”. On the right panel, toggle the switch under “Show me suggested content in the Settings page” to the “OFF” position.


That is it. From now on, you will no see any suggested content in the Windows 10 Settings app. Keep in mind that this method will not remove the Bing search query links. For that, follow the below methods.


2] From Group Policy Editor

If you want to completely remove tips, Bing links, and suggested content, the Group Policy provides a simple policy setting.

1. First, open Group Policy Editor by searching for “Edit Group Policy” in the start menu. In the Group Policy Editor, go to the following folder.

Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Control Panel

2. On the right panel, you will see a bunch of folders and a couple of policies. Double-click on the “Allow Policy Tips” policy. This is the policy that is responsible for showing the tips and suggested content in the Settings app.


3. Select “Disabled” in the policy settings window and click on the “Apply” and “Ok” buttons to save changes.


Now, either reboot Windows or open Command Prompt as admin and execute gpupdate /force command to make the policy apply to the system. Once the policy is applied successfully, you will no longer see the embedded tips or suggested content and videos.

3] From Registry Editor

As an alternative, you can also edit the registry to remove tips from the Settings app. If you are running Windows 10 Home Edition, then this is the only method you can use as the Group Policy Editor is not available to you.

1. Search for “Registry Editor” in the start menu and open it. Copy the below path, paste it in the Registry Editor’s address bar and press Enter to go the folder.


2. On the right panel, see if you have a value named “AllowOnlineTips”. If there is no such value, right-click on the empty space, select “New → Dword Value” and name it “AllowOnlineTips”. Double-click on the value.

3. The above action will open the value configuration window. In the Value Data field, type “0” and click on the “Ok” button.

4. Close the Registry Editor and reboot Windows 10 to apply the changes you just made.

That is it. To revert back, change the Value Data in step 3 to “1” and you are done. If needed, you can delete the value too.

Hope that helps. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible.

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