How To Open Multiple Links at Once From Excel (Simple)

When you have multiple hyperlinks in different cells, you can open all of them at once. Here are the steps to open multiple links at once in Excel.

When working with large excel files, it is common to have multiple sections for hyperlinks. This is especially true if you are adding source links or scraping data from the web. Generally, when you want to open a link from Excel, you have to use the “Ctrl + Click” method. As soon as you Ctrl + Click on a cell with the hyperlink, it will be opened in your default browser. The limitation of this method is that you can only open one link at a time.

However, what if you want to open multiple links at once from Excel? Rather than clicking multiple times, you create and use a simple VBA script to open multiple links at once from Excel. The good thing is, even if you have never worked with a custom VBA script, it is pretty easy to create and run.

In this quick Excel how-to guide, let me show a simple way to open multiple hyperlinks at once from Excel. The steps shown below will work in Excel 2013 and higher in both Windows and Mac OS.

Open multiple links at once from Excel

Here is the custom VBA script to open multiple hyperlinks at once in Excel. Follow the below steps to create the script and know how to use it.

1. First, open the Excel worksheet that has the links you need to open.

2. After opening the Excel file, you need to open the VBA Script Editor. To do that, press the “Alt + F11” shortcut. This action will instantly open the VBA Script Editor. You can also do this by clicking on the “Visual Basic” option under the “Developer” tab.

3. In the VBA Script Editor window, click “Insert” on the top bar and select “Module.” This action will open the module creation window in the script editor.

4. In the Module window, copy and paste the below code. This is the VBA Script that makes it possible to open all hyperlinks at once in Excel.

Sub OpenMultipleLinks()
 'From WindowsLoop
     Dim MultiLink As Hyperlink
     Dim SelectedRng As Range
     On Error Resume Next
     'Window Heading
     WLTitleId = "WL Open Multiple Links"
     'Set Range
     Set SelectedRng = Application.Selection
     Set SelectedRng = Application.InputBox("Range", WLTitleId, SelectedRng.Address, Type:=8)
     'Open Links One by One
     For Each MultiLink In SelectedRng.Hyperlinks
 End Sub
vba script to open multiple links at once from Excel

5. After pasting the script, press the “F5” key on you keyboard.

6. As soon as you press the key, you will be prompted to select a range.

range selector

7. Go to the Excel worksheet and select the range which has the hyperlinks. In my case, I have three links in multiple rows and columns. So, I selected that range.

select range in excel worksheet

8. Click “Ok” in the range selection window.

confirm selected range

9. As soon as you do that, the VBA Script will go through each cell in the selected range and if it finds a link, it opens it in the default browser.

That is all. It is that simple to open multiple links at once from Excel.

I hope that helps. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible.

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