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Direct Download Links to All Versions of .NET Framework Installers

If you’ve used a Windows computer for long enough, you might’ve seen an error something like “Microsoft .NET framework needs to be installed for this program to work”. For most programs and games to work properly in Windows, you need to have a supported .NET framework installed. If there is no supported .NET framework, you are either prompted to download and install that specific version of the .NET framework or the program will not work as it should. i.e. crashes. Generally, every Windows version comes with a version of the .NET framework pre-installed. Additionally, some developers even bundle .NET framework with their applications to avoid any problems. However, sometimes there will be updates to the .NET framework and programs may require you to have the latest .NET framework installed. If that’s the case, you need to download the .NET framework from the Microsoft website and install it manually.

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However, the problem is that there is not a single page within the Microsoft website that lists all the .NET framework download at one place. Add to that, for whatever reason, it is not that easy to find the download link for a specific or any version of the .NET framework. Trust me, I’ve been there multiple times and it is frustrating, to say the least.

I thought maybe you guys might be facing the same situation as me from time to time. So, I did the work, found the download links for all the available .NET framework versions and listed them in a good little table.

For convenience’s sake, I’ve divided all the download links according to their version numbers, service packs, and system architecture (64-bit or 32-bit), and offline or online installer. Use the below download links to download the .NET framework of your choice.

All the download links below are official and from Microsoft itself. Just click on the download link of the version of your choice and the download will start instantly or you will be taken to the appropriate official Microsoft download page where you need to click a single button to download .NET framework.

Download Links for All .NET Framework Versions

.Net Framework Version .Net Framework Download Links
.Net framework version 1.0
.Net framework version 1.1
.Net framework version 2.0
.Net framework version 3.0
.Net framework version 3.5
.Net framework version 4.0
.Net framework version 4.5
.Net framework version 4.5.1
.Net framework version 4.5.2
.Net framework version 4.6
.Net framework version 4.6.1
.Net framework version 4.6.2
.Net framework version 4.7
.Net framework version 4.7.1
.Net framework version 4.7.2

Hope that helps. I’ve update this article as the new versions of .NET framework become available. So, bookmark this page so that you’ll have easy access to all the .NET framework versions.

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