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How To Sign a Word Document (Add or Insert Signature)

Signing a document makes it easy to prove your identity and authenticity of the document. Here is how to sign a Word document (add signature).

For document creation, there is no other better software as popular or feature-rich as MS Word. Whether you are writing a book, contract letters, official documents, or general notes, MS Word has everything for you and can do it all.

After creating a document, you can further personalize it with a digital signature. In fact, you can even add an image or picture signature in Word. As an added benefit, a signature will prove your identity and the document’s authenticity, just like in real life. It also discourages others from editing the manuscript. Any changes made to the document after signing will invalidate the signature.

As you can guess, Word document signing is very useful in several cases where you don’t want others changing the document content in any way.

Let me show you how to sign a Word document in simple steps.

How to sign a Word document

There are two significant steps to sign a Word document. First, we need to create or insert a signature line in the document. Second, you or the target user can add a signature on the signature line in the document. Though it sounds complicated, it is pretty easy to do. Here is how.

First, open the Word document you want to sign. Ensure the document is fully ready and requires no more editing or changes. Once you sign the document, you cannot edit it without invalidating the signature.

In the document, place the cursor where you want to insert the signature. In my case, I want to add it to the bottom left of the page.

Next, go to the “Insert” tab.

go to insert

Click on the “Signature Line” dropdown menu and select the “Microsoft Office Signature Line” option.

select Microsoft office signature line option

The above action will open the Signature Setup window. Here, fill in the following fields.

  • Suggested signer: Who should sign the document.
  • Suggested signer’s title: What is the title of the person signing the document.
  • Signer’s email address: Signer’s email address.
  • Instructions for the signer: Any special instructions you need to tell the person signing the document.

Select the “Show sign date in signature line” checkbox. If you want to allow the signer to add their own comments to the signature, select the “Allow the signer to add comments in the Sign dialog” checkbox.

After filling the fields, click the “Ok” button to save changes in the Signature Setup window.

signature setup to add signature to word

As soon as you click the Ok button, the signature line is added to the document. You can sign the document yourself or send it to the user who needs to sign it.

add signature to word document

Double-click on the signature line or right-click on it and select the “Sign” option to sign the document.

In the Sign window, type your signature in the big box. If you have your signature in image format, click on the “Select image” button, select the image, and add it.

sign the word document

If you want to add additional information, like full name, address, etc., to your signature, then click on the “Details” button and add those details.

signature details

Finally, click on the “Sign” button.

press the Sign to add signature

As soon as you click the button, the document will be signed with the signature and details you provided.

signature added to word
signature confirmation

The signed document is considered final from this point forward, and no edits or changes are allowed. You will even see a yellow warning bar telling you the same.

document marked as final after signature

Edit signed Word document

Of course, one can still edit the document, but it will invalidate the signature and removes it. If you click on the “Edit Anyway” button, you will see the “Editing will remove signatures in this document. Do you want to continue?” message. Clicking “Yes” will remove the signature and allows you to edit the document.

remove signature in word

That is all. It is that simple to add or insert a signature in the Word document.

I hope that helps.

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