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How to Disable Bing Results in Start Menu

Don’t like seeing web results from Bing in your Start menu when you search for something? Here’s how to disable Bing results in the Start menu in Windows 10 & 11.

When you search for something in the Start menu of Windows 11 or 10, along with the search results for local applications, files, and folders, it also shows Bing web results. As you might expect, Bing results in the Start menu are pretty helpful if you want to search the web without opening the browser first.

bing results in the start menu

However, there are a few downsides too. For example, when you search for something in the Start menu, the Bing results are prioritized over the local results. Now, it doesn’t happen for every search, but it happens often enough that it is distracting. Additionally, due to the Bing results feature, everything you search for is sent to the Microsoft servers, and the overall Start menu search experience is slow.

So, if you are not a fan of web results in the Start menu, why not disable Bing search results integration in the Start menu?

The steps below work the same in Windows 10 and 11.

Back up the registry before making changes. The backup helps in restoring the registry if something goes wrong.

How to disable Bing in the Start menu

To disable the Bing integration in the Start menu, we have to modify the registry and add a new value. It is pretty simple to do.

Here’s how to disable Bing in the Windows Start menu:

  1. Open the Registry Editor.
  2. Go to the folder below.
  3. Right-click the “Windows” folder.
  4. Select the “New -> Key” option.
  5. Use “Explorer” as the folder name.
  6. Right-click the “Explorer” folder.
  7. Select “New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.”
  8. Use “DisableSearchBoxSuggestions” as the value name.
  9. Right-click the newly created value.
  10. Select “Modify.”
  11. Type “1” in the Value Data field.
  12. Press “Ok.”
  13. Close the Registry Editor.
  14. Reboot the computer.
  15. After rebooting, Bing is disabled in the Start menu.

Steps with more details:

First, launch the Registry Editor application on Windows. You can open the Run dialog box with the “Win + R” shortcut, type “regedit” in the blank field, and press “Ok.” Alternatively, you can search “Registry Editor” in the Start menu.

open the registry editor

After opening it, go to the following folder. You can copy the path, paste it into the address bar, and press Enter. Once you are here, see if there is a folder called “Explorer” under the “Windows” folder. If there is, then skip the next step.


go to the windows folder

Right-click on the “Windows” folder and select the “New -> Key” option. Next, use “Explorer” as the new folder’s name.

create the explorer folder in the registry

After that, right-click on the “Explorer” folder and select “New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.” This action creates a new blank DWORD value. Set the value name as “DisableSearchBoxSuggestions.”

Once the new value is created, double-click on it to edit. You can also right-click on the value and select “Modify.” This opens the “Edit Value” window. In it, Type “1” in the “Value Data” field and press the “Ok” button.

modify value to disable bing search results in the start menu

After saving the value, close the Registry Editor and reboot the computer. At least restart the Windows Explorer process via Task Manager if you don’t want to reboot the system.

After rebooting or restarting the explorer process, you will no longer see Bing search results in the Start menu. i.e., you’ve successfully disabled Bing in the Windows Start menu.

no bing results in the start menu

That is all. It is that simple to disable Bing search results in the Start menu.

I hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide helped you.

If you are stuck or need help, send an email, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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