How to Check Motherboard Model Number in Windows

Wondering what kind of motherboard your computer has? Here is how to check the motherboard brand, model number, and serial number.

The motherboard is an essential part of any computer, be it a laptop or desktop. It hosts almost all the major components like networking, sound, graphics, chipsets, RAM (Memory), storage, etc. When buying new hardware to add to your computer or to install drivers properly, it is crucial to ensure they are compatible with your motherboard. If they are not compatible with the motherboard, your computer will not work as it should.

For example, if you are purchasing a RAM module, you have to know what kind of RAM is compatible with your motherboard. If you buy an incompatible memory module, you might not be able to install it. Even if you somehow installed the incompatible memory module, it might not work. In the worst-case scenario, incompatible hardware and drivers can damage the motherboard.

The good thing is, there are several different ways to check the motherboard model number.

I will show you the different ways to find out motherboard brand, model number, and serial number in this quick and easy guide. Once you have these details, you can use them to purchase proper hardware and download compatible drivers.

Check motherboard model number

Use one of the below methods to check and find the motherboard model number and brand name.

  1. Check the printed text on the motherboard
  2. Find motherboard model number in msinfo32
  3. Command to check motherboard model number
  4. Use a third-party app

1. Check the printed text on the motherboard

The surest and easiest way to check the motherboard model is to take a look at it. Every motherboard has its brand name and model number printed on it with big, bold letters to make sure you can see them as quickly as possible.

First, open your desktop PC’s side panel and take a look at the motherboard. You should see the brand name and model number on the motherboard tucked away to a side or in the middle of the board. Take a look at the below image for quick reference. Each manufacturer prints the model number details differently depending on the board size and its component placement. So, you might have to look a bit closer to find the model number.

model number on motherboard

Alternatively, if you have the manual or the cardboard box that the motherboard came in, the model number is written on it too.

model number on motherboard box

If you cannot find it or are not comfortable opening the PC case, follow the next three methods. They will show the model number in Windows itself.

2. Find motherboard model number in msinfo32

The System Information tool in Windows can tell which motherboard you are using and its model number. Here is how to find it.

Press the “Start key + R” to open the Run dialog box. Type “msinfo32” in the blank field and press “Ok.” It will open the System Information tool.

open msinfo32

Now, select “System Summary” on the sidebar. On the right panel, you will see the motherboard manufacturer name, model number, and version next to the “Baseboard Manufacturer,” “Baseboard Product,” and “Baseboard Version” fields, respectively.

find motherboard model with system information tool

3. Command to check motherboard model number

We can use the built-in WMI (Windows Management Instrument) command-line tool to check the motherboard model, manufacturer, version number, and serial number. Here is how.

Open the Start menu, search for “Command Prompt,” and open it. Next, execute the following command. As soon as you do that, the command window will display the manufacturer, model number, version number, and serial number in table format.

wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer,version,serialnumber

command to find motherboard model

4. Use a third-party app

Windows has so many fantastic free programs to get system hardware info. CPU-Z is one such free tool. Here is how to use it to find the model of your motherboard.

First, download CPU-Z from here. After downloading, double-click on the exe file and follow the wizard to install it. After installing, open CPU-Z from the Start menu or the desktop. Next, go to the “Mainboard” tab. You will see the manufacturer and model in their respective fields.

cpu-z motherboard model

The good thing about CPU-Z is that it also gives you other information related to other hardware components like the memory, graphics, CPU, etc.

That is all. It is that simple to find the motherboard model and manufacturer info in Windows.

I hope that helps.

If you need help, comment below, and I will try to help.

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