How to Change Power Mode in Windows 11

Windows 11 lets you adjust the power mode for better battery or performance. Here is how to change the power mode in Windows 11.

Like in older versions, Windows 11 comes with three different power modes. They are Best Power Efficiency, Balanced, and Best Performance. Depending on the active power mode, the power usage and performance of Windows 11 will change.

For example, if the system is set to Power Efficiency mode, Windows 11 will reduce the power usage at the cost of lower performance. As you can tell, it is pretty helpful for laptops running on battery or to reduce system power usage in general.

If you ever need it, you can quickly change the power mode in Windows 11 with just a few clicks. That way, you can manage the overall system power usage. For instance, when your laptop or desktop is connected to a power outlet, you can set the power mode to “Best Performance.” It increased the overall power usage, but the system performance will increase noticeably.

The good thing is, it is pretty easy to adjust power mode in Windows 11. In fact, you can do it in multiple ways. i.e., via the Settings app, Control Panel, and Command Prompt. I will show all three methods. Follow the one you like.

So, without further delay, let me show you how to change the power mode in Windows 11.

Table of contents:

Adjust power mode in Settings

The Windows 11 Settings app makes it easy to change the power mode. You need to select the power mode of your choice from a dropdown menu, and you are done. Here is how.

  1. Launch the Settings app with “Win + I.”
  2. Select the “System” option on the sidebar.
  3. Click on “Power & Battery” in the main panel.
  4. Select the power mode of your choice from the “Power Mode” dropdown menu.
  5. Close the Settings app.
  6. The power mode is instantly changed in Windows 11.

Steps with pictures:

Right-click the Start menu and choose “Settings” to open it. You can also press the “Windows key + I” keyboard shortcut or search for the same in the Start menu. Alternatively, click on the “Settings” icon in the Quick Settings panel.

After opening Settings, choose “System” on the sidebar. Click on the “Power & Battery” option on the main panel. This page shows most of the Windows 11 power and battery options, including the Power Mode.

Here, select the power mode of your choice from the “Power Mode” dropdown menu. As said earlier, you can choose between three power modes. They are as follows:

  • Best battery life: Reduces power usage to give extended battery time at the cost of system performance.
  • Balanced: System performance and power usage are balanced. You will get the best of both works. This is the default power mode.
  • Best performance: Increases power usage. The laptop’s battery backup time will be reduced due to increased power usage.
change power mode in Windows 11

After that, close the Settings app. With that, you have successfully changed the power mode in Windows 11.

Use Control Panel to change Windows 11 power mode

You can adjust the power mode from Control Panel too. However, unlike the Settings app method, the power modes in the Control Panel will differ based on your laptop or desktop manufacturer. Here is how to do it via Control Panel.

  1. Press the Start key on your keyboard.
  2. Search and open Control Panel.
  3. Click on “Power Options.”
  4. Select the power mode of your choice on the page.
  5. Close the Control Panel window.
  6. With that, the power mode is changed in Windows 11.

Note: If you don’t see additional power plans or modes, your PC or laptop manufacturer likely did not create one. In that case, either follow the Settings method or create a new power plan with required settings by clicking on the “Create a power plan” link on the sidebar.

Command to change power mode in Windows 11

If you feel adventurous or want to create custom scripts, you can use the Command Prompt to change power mode in Windows 11. Here is how to do it.

  1. Right-click the Start menu.
  2. Choose “Windows Terminal.”
  3. Click on the dropdown menu on the top bar.
  4. Choose “Command Prompt.”
  5. Type “powercfg /list” command and press Enter.
  6. Select the GUID of the power mode you want to apply.
  7. Right-click or press “Ctrl + C” to copy the selected GUID.
  8. Type “powercfg /setactive GUID” while replacing GUID with the copied GUID. You can right-click or press “Ctrl + V” to paste it.
  9. Press the Enter button to execute the command.
  10. With that, the power mode is changed in Windows 11.
  11. You can now safely close the terminal window.

That is it. It is that simple to change power mode in Windows 11.

I hope this simple and easy Windows 11 how-to guide helped you.

If you are stuck or need some help, comment below, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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