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How to Bypass Windows 11 TPM Check

Windows 11 requires systems to pass TMP 2.0 check to install. Here is how to bypass Windows 11 TPM check in simple & easy steps.

Windows 11 comes with a whole host of new features and looks. Majorly, Microsoft redesigned the OS to look more modern and consistent. In addition to that, the Windows 11 operating system is also more secure and stable than previous versions like Windows 10. Due to all the new things and added complexity, Windows 11 has unique and stricter system requirements.

One of those stricter requirements is the TPM 2.0 check. TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a security feature if you don’t know. It is a physical security chip on your motherboard or laptop that stores and runs the encryption keys and other security-related functions. If your system doesn’t have the TPM 2.0, you cannot install Windows 11. The installer will say that the Windows 11 OS is incompatible with your hardware if you try.

Though the TPM module is practical and improves the system’s overall security, not everyone has it. This is especially true in the case of older machines. Not only that, but the TPM requirement makes it almost impossible to install Windows 11 on a virtual machine.

The good thing is, with just a couple of steps, you can bypass the TPM security check in Windows 11 and install it directly. You have to modify the registry while Windows 11 is installing. Though it sounds complicated, it is pretty easy to do.

So, let me show you the steps to bypass Windows 11 TPM check without further ado.

Bypass TPM check in Windows 11

Windows 11 checks for TPM and stores whether it exists or not in a registry value. By modifying the value, we can bypass the TPM check.

To bypass the TPM check while installing Windows 11, we need to open the Command Prompt and execute a simple registry command. It is pretty simple to do. Let me show you how.

  1. Plug-in the Windows 11 installation media and boot into it.
  2. Follow the installation wizard until you see the cannot install error message.
  3. While on the error screen, press “Shift + F10.”
  4. Paste the following command in the Prompt.
    REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\LabConfig /v BypassTPMCheck /t REG_DWORD /d 1
  5. Press the Enter button.
  6. You should see the “Operation complete” message.
  7. Close the Command Prompt window.
  8. Go back to the starting.
  9. Follow the installation wizard again.
  10. Windows 11 will bypass TPM check and installs normally.

Same steps in a bit more detail:

First, we need to boot into the Windows 11 installation media. To do that, plug in the Windows 11 installation media and boot into it. After that, follow the installation wizard until you see the error message.

When you see the error message, press the “Shift + F10” shortcut on your keyboard. This action will open the Command Prompt window.

In the Command Prompt window, paste the below command and press Enter. As you can see, the command will create a new value called BypassTPMCheck and set its Value Data to “1.”

REG ADD HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\LabConfig /v BypassTPMCheck /t REG_DWORD /d 1

After the command is successfully executed, you will see the “Operation Completed” message.

Now, close the Command Prompt window and go back to the initial screen. Then proceed with the Windows 11 process.

Since we added the new TPM bypass value in the Registry, the installation should proceed normally.

That is all. It is that simple to bypass TPM while installing Windows 11.

I hope this simple and easy Windows 11 how-to guide will help you.

If you are stuck or need some help, comment below, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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