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How to Block a Program in Firewall in Windows 10 & 11

Want to prevent an application from accessing the internet? Here is how to block a program in Windows Firewall in simple steps.

To protect the system from unwanted connections, Windows has a built-in Firewall. It allows all outbound connections and incoming connections that a direct response to the outbound requests. This means that almost every computer program has free access to the internet as long as it respects the firewall rules. In special cases, programs can even create custom firewall rules. One of the best things about the Windows Defender Firewall is that it gives granular control over what can and cannot connect to the network, unlike many simple firewall applications.

Generally, most users never need to worry about an application accessing the internet. However, there will be situations where you need to restrict an application’s access to the internet.

For example, the application in question may constantly be downloading unstable updates, relaying telemetry data, showing adverts or sale notifications, etc. No matter the reason, if there is an application that you don’t want accessing the internet, you can create a custom firewall rule to block it. The good thing is, it is very easy to do it.

Let me show you how to create a custom rule to block a program from accessing the internet using Windows Firewall.

Block a program in Windows Firewall (restrict internet access to a program)

To restrict Internet access and block a program in Windows Firewall, we have to create a custom block rule in the outbound rules section of the Advanced Windows Firewall Settings. Here is how to do it.

The first thing we need to do is open the Windows Defender Firewall Advanced Settings. To do that, open the Start menu, search for “Windows Defender Firewall,” and click on the result. This action will open Windows Firewall.

In the Windows Firewall, click on the “Advanced Settings” link on the sidebar to open Firewall Advanced Settings page.

open advanced Windows firewall settings

Now we need to create a new block rule in the Outbound Rules section. So, right-click on the “Outbound Rules” option on the sidebar and select the “New Rule” option.

Since we want to block a program from accessing the internet, select the “Program” option and click the “Next” button.

select program

Select the “This program path” option and then click the “Browse” button.

select this program option and click the browse button

Find the exe file of the application you want to block in the Firewall, select it, and click the “Open” button.

select the application which you want to block in firewall

The above action will add the file path to the blank field of the rule creation wizard. Click the “Next” button to continue.

program path added to the firewall rule

Choose the “Block the connection” option. This option is responsible for blocking the target application from accessing the internet.

block a program in Windows firewall to stop it from accessing the internet

Select all three profiles. i.e., Domain, Private, and Public checkboxes. That way, no matter the network type your machine is using, the program will be blocked. Of course, if you only want to stop the program in a specific profile, you can select it and delete all others. Click the “Next” button to continue.

select all profiles

Finally, name the rule and click the “Finish” button. Though you can name it anything you want, I recommend you keep the name concise. You can always use the description box to explain the rule and why you created it in the first place.

name the firewall rule

You can now see the newly created rule in the main firewall window. The target application cannot access the internet as long as the rule is active.

If you ever want to allow the program, simply find the rule, right-click on it and select the “Disable rule” option. If you’re going to allow the application permanently, you can delete the block rule by choosing the “Delete” option.

disable firewall rule

That is all.

I hope that helps.

If you are stuck or need some help, comment below, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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