How to Enable PIN Security on Windows 10 For Easy & Quick Sign In

Windows 10 has several different sign-in options alongside regular password protection. Those options include Windows Hello facial recognition, picture password, security key, fingerprint, and PIN security. In this post, I will show you how to enable PIN security on Windows 10.

The advantage of PIN security is that it works as an alternative and fast sign-in method. As you can know, a good general password contains a combination of several letters, numbers, and even special characters. Though this is secure, it can be quite tedious to type in the long and complicated password each and every time you log into your system This is especially true if you frequently lock your Windows 10 system.

By enabling pin security, you can easily log into your system by just typing in the numbers. What’s more, when using pin security, you don’t even have to press the Enter button. You will be automatically logged in when you enter the correct pin number. Of course, when needed, you can easily switch to regular password protection right on the login screen. So, let me show you how to enable PIN security on Windows 10.

Enable Windows 10 PIN Security

  1. Press Win + I to open the Settings app.
  2. Go to “Accounts -> Sign-in Options” page.
  3. On the right-panel, select the “Windows Hello PIN” option.
    Enable windows 10 pin security 01
  4. In the Expanded menu, click “Add“.
    Enable windows 10 pin security 02
  5. You will be prompted to confirm yourself. Enter your user account password and click “Ok“.
  6. Type in a PIN and click “Ok“.
    • The PIN must be at least four characters long.
    • The PIN should not be a commonly used one, like 12345, 00000, 111111, etc.

    Enable windows 10 pin security 03

  7. That is it. The Pin is set.

From now on, when you try to log in, Windows 10 will prompt you for the PIN rather than the regular password. As soon as you enter the pin, you will be login in automatically. No need to press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Enable windows 10 pin security 05

If you want to use your regular password, click on the “Sign-in Options” link under PIN field on the login screen and select the “Key” icon. This option will allow you to enter and log in with your regular user account password.

Enable windows 10 pin security 06

To change the PIN, go to the Sign-in Options page within the Settings app, select “Windows Hello PIN” and click on the “Change” button. When changing the PIN number, you will need to enter your user account password to confirm yourself.

To remove PIN security, click on the “Remove” button. Just like with changing the PIN number, you will need to confirm yourself by entering the regular user account password. This adds an additional layer of security so that other users cannot remove PIN security without proper authorization.

Enable windows 10 pin security 04


That is it. It is that simple to enable Windows Hello PIN security on Windows 10. Keep in mind that you can enable multiple authentication systems to log into your Windows 10 system. For instance, you can even enable Windows 10 facial recognition and all three of these authentication types will work together with no problem.

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