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Download Windows Movie Maker Offline Installer (setup file)

Want to install and use Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 or 11? Here is how to download Windows Movie Maker offline installer.

Windows Movie Maker is a user-friendly and straightforward video editing software available for free from Microsoft. Even though the Windows Movie Maker is a built-in software in previous versions of Windows, Microsoft chose to remove it as a default application and supply it as an additional downloadable software ever since Windows 7. It is generally bundled with Windows Live Essential tools and can be installed on all supported operating systems.

One of the best things about Movie Maker is that it has many features like video stabilization, animations, transitions, frames, and more while still being very user-friendly. Most of all, though not as powerful as other dedicated video editing software like Premiere, Movie Maker is just as useful for many simple works. For example, I used Windows Movie Maker to cut videos, add simple transitions, add audio tracks, etc. It used to be a lot of fun working with Windows Movie Maker.

Though Microsoft discontinued the Windows Movie Maker software, you can still install it in Windows 10 to create and edit videos. Here is how to download Windows Movie Maker offline installer or setup file and install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 or 11.

Download Windows Movie Maker Offline Installer

Microsoft discontinued Windows Movie Maker and no longer allows you to download it from the official website. But, the good guys at Web Archive are hosting the last updated copy of Movie Maker. You can download it from there.

Go to the archive.org web page and click on the “Windows Executable” link under the “Download Options” section to download Windows Movie Maker. This action will download the Microsoft Windows Live Essentials 2012 package. The file will be around 130MB. Depending on your internet speed, it will take a while to download. Once downloaded, you should see the exe file in the Downloads folder.

download Windows movie maker offline installer setup file

Install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 or 11

After downloading Windows Movie Maker, open the Downloads folder and find the downloaded exe file. The default file name should say something like “wlsetup-all.exe.” Double-click on the exe file to initialize the installer.

As soon as you double-click on the exe file, the installation wizard will open. Since we only want to install Windows Movie Maker, click the “Choose the programs you want to install” option.

select choose the programs you want to install option

Now, select the “Photo Gallery and Movie Maker” checkbox and uncheck all other checkboxes. i.e., Messenger, Mail, and Writer. Press the “Install” button to continue.

select photo gallery and movie maker

When clicked the Install button, the installer will start the Movie Maker installation process. The whole installation will take a minute or two.

installing Windows movie maker

Once done, you will see the “Done” message. Click the “Close” button to close the installer.

Windows movie maker installed in Windows 10

From now, you can use Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 and 11. To do that, search for “Movie Maker” in the Start menu and click the result to open it.

open Windows movie maker

Since this is the first time you are open the Windows Movie Maker, it will show the license agreement. Read it if you want and click the “Accept” button.

agree to terms

As soon as you do that, Windows Movie Maker will open fully. From there, you can add the video, photos, and audio to start creating or editing.

Windows movie maker in Windows 10

That is it. It is that simple to download the Windows Movie Maker setup file and install it in Windows 10 and 11.

I hope that helps.

If you need help, comment below. I will do my best to help you.

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