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How to Direct Download Windows 10 ISO for Free

To install, reinstall, or upgrade Windows 10, you can now download the ISO file for free from the Microsoft website. Here’s how.

Unlike the previous versions of Windows, Microsoft is now allowing anyone to download Windows 10 ISO full version for free from its official website. The problem is not many people know you can direct download the Windows 10 ISO file. As such, many use the OEM installer disc or ISO files from untrusted sources to install or upgrade Windows 10.

Since Microsoft is upgrading Windows 10 twice a year with new features, installing an out-dated version via OEM installer disc or from third-parties is not advised. Mainly because you might have to go through the installation process again to install the latest update. Moreover, if you are like me who can’t wait to install the newest Windows 10 version, you can use the below method to get the latest Windows 10 ISO, create a bootable USB drive and upgrade it.

Download Windows 10 ISO file

Step 1: Visit the official Microsoft page and click on the “Download tool now” button. This will download the Media Creation Tool.

Download windows 10 iso 1

Step 2: Double-click on the downloaded file. Next, read the terms and click on the “Accept” button.

Download windows 10 iso 2

Step 3: Select the “Create installation media” option to download the Windows 10 ISO file. Click the “Next” to continue.

Download windows 10 iso 3

Step 4: Click “Next” on this screen. The tool will auto-detect your system language, architecture, and current Windows edition. If you want to modify those settings, uncheck the “Use the recommended options for this PC” checkbox and select the appropriate options.

Download windows 10 iso 4

Step 5: Select the “ISO file” option and click “Next”. This will force the Media Creation tool to download Windows 10 ISO file.

Download windows 10 iso 5

Step 6: Select a destination, set a name for the ISO file, and click the “Save” button. You can save the file anywhere you want with the name of your choice.

Download windows 10 iso 6

Step 7: As soon as you click on the Save button, Media Creation Tool will download the latest version of Windows 10 ISO.

Download windows 10 iso 7

Wrapping up: Download Windows 10 ISO

The ISO file will be around 6 GB (gigabytes). Depending on your internet connection speed, it can take some time to complete the download process. So, wait for the download to complete. Once completed, you will find the Windows 10 ISO in the destination place you selected in step 6.

Create a bootable USB drive with the ISO file. There are a lot of tools that let you do that. One of the most popular ones being Rufus. Just download and open Rufus, select the ISO file and the USB drive on the main screen and click on the “Start” button. One of the biggest advantages of Rufus is that it lets you create a bootable UEFI Windows 10 drive.

That is all. As you can see, it is pretty easy to download Windows 10 ISO file legally and for free.

Note: If you don’t want to use the Media Creation tool to download the ISO file, follow this guide: download Windows 10 ISO without using the media creation tool.

I hope that helps. If you are stuck or need some help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible. Also, did you know that you can change the OEM information in Windows 10? Do check it out to fully customize Windows 10.

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