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Download Links for KB4551762 Offline Installer (IMP. Security Update)

Microsoft released an urgent security patch KB4551762 for SMBv3 vulnerability. Here are the direct download links for offline installers.

Just after the usual patch Tuesday’s cumulative update, Microsoft released yet another update called KB4551762 for both Windows 10 1903 and 1909 versions. The update is intended to fix the newly found wormable vulnerability in the SMBv3 implementation. In case you don’t know, SMBv3 is a file-sharing protocol that is widely used to share files over the local networks and on the internet.

The vulnerability, dubbed as SMBGhost (CVE-2020-0796) is a pretty serious security issue. As long as the SMBv3 protocol is enabled, it lets the attacker run malicious code remotely and take control of the target system. If you are interested, you can learn more about SMBGhost vulnerability on this Microsoft security adviser page.

Originally, this security patch should have been released like any other update. However, some antivirus vendors due to their over-enthusiasm and miscommunication released the security bug information. Since the vulnerability got leaked, Microsoft is forced to release the security update asap.

Being a security update, it has no other general fixes or improvements and is advised to install it as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary issues. You can install the update directly from the Settings app or download KB4551762 offline installer and install it offline.

You can find the direct download links below.


Download links for KB4551762 update

To make things easier for you, I found the direct download links for KB4551762 for both Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Depending on your system type, download the update using the below links and install it like any other Windows software. After installing, restart the system and you are good to go.

For v1903:

KB4551762 x64 (64-bit) offline installer (download size: 354.4 MB)

For v1909:

KB4551762 x86 (32-bit) offline installer (download size: 191.7 MB)

KB4551762 x64 (64-bit) offline installer (download size: 354.6 MB)

If you want KB4551762 download links for Windows Server, ARM64 based systems, or some other version the go to the Microsoft update catalog website to find the appropriate links. All you have to do is click on the Download button next to the appropriate version.

KB4551762 Changelog

Security update to the Microsoft Server Message Block 3.1.1 (SMBv3).

That is it.

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