Download KB4583263 Offline Installer (Fix HP Battery Drain)

Microsoft working alongside HP released a new KB4583263 update to fix the battery drain problem in HP laptops. Here are the direct download links for the KB4583263 offline installer.

For the past few days, HP laptop users, especially the business laptop users are complaining that the battery drain is getting worse. This in turn is reducing the battery backup time on HP business-class laptops. The problem is caused due to a recent update that didn’t play well with HP Bios settings. Thankfully, Microsoft and HP worked closely to fix the problem and issued a new patch for HP laptops.

To be more specific, in a recent Windows update, the HP Battery Manager configuration setting got disabled. HP Battery Manager is a BIOS-level setting and is available and enabled on all HP business-class laptops. This feature helps manage how you charge and discharge the battery. The minimum recommended settings for HP Battery Manager is “Enabled”. When this feature is disabled, the battery backup and life may reduce due to nothing managing based on your usage patterns.

Once you install the KB4583263 update, it will check if your BIOS supports HP Battery Health Manager. If it does, it will enable the feature. Otherwise, it will not make any changes to the system or the system BIOS. Do keep in mind that the HP Battery Health Manager feature is only present in HP Business laptops.

Since the update is mainly geared towards fixing the battery drain problem in HP laptops, it will not add or make any other improvements, fixes, or patches.

Like always, you can download and install the update from the Settings app. If your system is supported, the update will install automatically. Otherwise, you will not see the update. If you want to, you can download the KB4583263 offline installer using the links given below.

Download KB4583263 Offline Installer

Check to see if your laptop is on the supported list. Supported HP Laptops to install the KB4583263 update.

For v2004:

Download KB4583263 update for Windows 10 v2004

For v1909:

Download KB4583263 update for Windows 10 v1909

For v1903:

Download KB4583263 update for Windows 10 v1903

For v1809:

Download KB4583263 update for Windows 10 v1809

That is it.

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