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How to Disable Text Suggestions on Windows 11

Whether you are using an on-screen keyboard or a physical keyboard, Windows 11 offers text suggestions as you type in supported apps. Clicking or tapping on a suggestion will automatically insert it, making typing faster and correcting mistakes easier.

However, if you find these hovering suggestions more annoying than helpful, you have the option to disable text suggestions on Windows 11. Let’s get started and show you how to disable them.

Disable Windows 11 Text Suggestions Using Settings

Open Settings. You can press the ‘Windows key + I’ keyboard shortcut. Once the Settings window opens, click on Time and & Language on the sidebar.

Click/tap on the Typing option on the Time & Language page.

Locate and turn off the ‘Show text suggestions when typing on the physical keyboard‘ and ‘Multilingual text suggestions‘ toggles.

turn off text suggestions toggle

Optional steps:

If you want, you can stop Windows 11 from highlighting and autocorrecting spelling mistakes. For that, turn off the ‘Autocorrect misspelled words’ and ‘Highlight misspelled words’ toggles on the same Settings page.

turn off autocorrect toggles

After that, close the Settings window. You will no longer see text suggestions as you type. If you still see them, reboot your computer so that Windows 11 can apply the changes.

Disable Text Suggestions on Windows 11 Using Registry

Warning: This method is for advanced users who are comfortable modifying the registry. Any wrong modification to the registry can make your computer unusable. Always back up the registry before making changes.

Open the Registry Editor. You can click on the Windows logo on the taskbar, type ‘Registry Editor,’ and click on the top result.

In the registry window, browse to the below folder. You can also copy the path below, paste it into the registry’s address bar and press Enter.


Select the Settings folder on the sidebar and choose the Edit > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value option.

create dword value

Type EnableHwkbTextPrediction as the value name.

create EnableHwkbTextPrediction value

Select the EnableHwkbTextPrediction value, and click on Edit > Modify. Make sure the Value Data field is set to 0 and hit OK.

set EnableHwkbTextPrediction value data to 0

Next, select the Settings folder on the sidebar, and choose the Edit > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value option.

create dword value

Type MultilingualEnabled as the value name.

create MultilingualEnabled value

Double-click on the MultilingualEnabled value and make sure the Value Data is set to 0 and hit OK.

set MultilingualEnabled value data to 0

After making these changes, close the registry window and reboot your computer to apply them.

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