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Disable Asus Armoury Crate Startup With These Simple Steps

Asus Armory Crate software is automatically installed and runs at startup on all supported Asus motherboard desktop computers and laptops. This article shows you the easiest way to disable Asus Armoury Crate startup on Windows 10/11.

What is Asus Armoury Crate?

Asus Armoury Crate is the official Asus software utility that provides control settings for several things such as AURA Sync, game library, fan controls, driver updates, and more. Additionally, it also shows the CPU, GPU, and other hardware performance at a glance.

Is it Safe to Disable Asus Armoury Crate?

Yes, it is safe to disable the Asus Armoury Crate software.

Though the Armoury Crate software is useful, it is a memory hog, installs additional bloatware, and may also cause performance issues. For example, Asus Armoury Crate runs a ton of services at the system startup leading to longer startup time.

As such, it is better to turn off Asus Armoury Crate at startup so that your system starts quickly. Thankfully, it is pretty easy to do. You can either use the built-in MSConfig tool or the Autoruns application. I recommend you follow the Autoruns method as it makes things a lot easier and cleaner.

This guide shows you both methods. Follow the one you like.

Note: If disabling is not enough, you can also uninstall Asus Armoury Crate software from your Windows device.

Disable Asus Armoury Crate Startup

To stop Asus Armoury Crate from starting up with Windows, follow the below suggestions.

  1. Uncheck the Asus Armoury Crate service in msconfig
  2. Disable Asus Armoury Crate service in Autoruns

Let’s see each step in detail:

1. Uncheck the Asus Armoury Crate service in msconfig

Unchecking the Asus Armoury Crate service entry in the MSconfig tool will stop it from starting with Windows. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box with the Windows key + R shortcut.

msconfig run command

Step 2: Type “msconfig” in the blank field and click the “Ok” button.

Step 3: Go to the “Services” tab in the System Configuration (msconfig) window.

Step 4: Uncheck the “Armoury Crate Service” checkbox and click “Ok.”

uncheck Asus Armoury Crate service in msconfig

(Optional) If you want, you can also uncheck all the other Asus services shown below.

  • Asus Com Service
  • Asus Update Service (asus)
  • AsusCert Service
  • AsusFanControlService
  • Asus Update Service (asusm)
  • AsusUpdateCheck

Step 5: When prompted, click/tap on the “Restart” button.

click resatrt

With that, Asus Armoury Crate is disabled and no longer starts with Windows.

2. Disable the Asus Armoury Crate service in Autoruns

Autoruns is an official application from Microsoft that makes managing Windows startup items easy. Follow the below steps to disable Asus Armoury Crate using Autoruns.

The added benefit of using Autoruns is that you can also disable Asus scheduled tasks that might run/update Armoury Crate in the background, enabling the startup entry.

Step 1: Get Autoruns from the Microsoft Sysinternals page.

Follow the link below and click on “Download Autoruns and Autorunsc” to download the Autoruns zip file.

Download link: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/autoruns

download autoruns

Step 2: Extract the Autoruns zip file to a folder and open it.

After downloading the Autoruns zip file, right-click on it and select the “Extract All” option. Next, click the “Extract” button. This will extract the zip file to a folder in the same directory. Open the extracted folder.

extract autoruns zip file

Step 3: Right-click on the “Autoruns64.exe” file and select “Run as administrator.”

You will see several executable (exe) files in the extracted folder. Find the “Autoruns64.exe” file, right-click on it, and select the “Run as administrator” option. This will open the Autoruns application with admin rights.

Note: If you are on a 32-bit computer, right-click on the “Autoruns.exe” file and select “Run as administrator.”

open autoruns as admin

Step 4: Enter “Asus” in the search/filter field at the top of the Autoruns window.

Once the application loads, you will see a lot of startup entries. To narrow it down, enter “Asus” in the search/filter at the top of the Autoruns window.

filter asus in autoruns

Step 5: Uncheck the “AsusArmouryCrate” entry under the “Services” section.

Find and uncheck the “AsusArmouryCrate” entry from the filtered results under the “Services” section. All the changes are saved instantly and automatically.

uncheck Asus Armoury Crate in autoruns

Step 6: (Optional) Disable all the Asus entries under the Task Scheduler and Services section.

This is completely optional but you can disable all the filtered Asus entries listed below under Task Scheduler and Services section. This will prevent several Asus services from starting and running in the background. If you are wondering, none of these services are essential to use Windows. However, keep in mind that disabling means you might be able to use Aura Sync to control RGB lighting.

  • Task Scheduler
    • AcPowerNotification
    • ArmourySocketServer
    • ASUS AISuiteIII
    • ASUSDIPAwayMore
    • ASUSUpdateTaskMachineCore
    • ASUSUpdateTaskMachineUA
    • Ez Update
    • ASUS Framework Service
    • PowerAgent_sdk
  • Services
    • asComSvc (Asus Com Service)
    • ASUS Update Service
    • AsusCertService
    • AsusFanControlService
    • AsusUpdateCheck
    • AsusGameSDK Service
    • LightingService (Asus Aura Sync lighting service)
    • ROG Live Service

Important note: DO NOT disable anything under the “Drivers” section.

disable all asus services in autoruns

Step 7: Close Autoruns and restart your computer.

Finally, close the Autoruns program and restart your computer. To restart, right-click on the Start menu and the select “Shut down or sign out > Restart” option.

That is all. It is that simple to stop Asus Armoury Crate from running at startup.

I hope this simple and easy Windows how-to guide helped you.

If you are stuck or need help, send an email, and I will try to help as much as possible.

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