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What Is Clean Boot and How to Clean Boot Windows 10

Windows 10 can sometimes act funny, throw random errors, etc. In those situations, you can clean boot. Windows 10 clean boot allows you to pinpoint the problem causing service or program and deal with it. Here’s how to clean boot on Windows 10.

The clean boot works in Windows 7 and 8 too. Follow the same steps.

What is Clean Boot

Clean Boot is what it sounds like. When you start your Windows computer, it will automatically launch or start several other services and applications. Your startup programs are a good example. Additionally, the more applications you have on your system, the more services Windows needs to start. This is because most applications register their own services with Windows.

The more startup services and applications there are, the heavy will be the Windows Startup. Though starting all the services is useful, there will be times when these startup services might be interfering with essential Windows services. This can lead to unexpected behavior like program crashes, strange error messages, and slowness.

To deal with that, you can perform a clean boot. When clean booting Windows 10, only essential system services are started while disabling all the non-critical services and programs. This gives you a good chance to find which service or program is causing the problem on your system.

Steps to Clean Boot Windows 10

Though Windows has no Clean Boot button or option, performing a clean boot in Windows 10 is easy and simple. All we have to do is disable all the services and startup programs. This is quite easy.

1. First, we need to disable all the services. To do that, open the Run dialog box by pressing the keyboard shortcut Win + R. In the blank field, type msconfig and click on the Ok button.

Clean boot windows 10 step 01

2. In System Configuration window, go to the Services tab. Here, we first need to hide all the essential Windows services. So, select “Hide all Microsoft services” checkbox.

Clean boot windows 10 step 02

3. Next, click on the Disable All button. Click on the Apply and Ok buttons to save changes.

Clean boot windows 10 step 03

4. You will see a restart prompt. Click on the Exit without restart button.

Clean boot windows 10 step 04

5. Now, we need to disable all the startup programs. Right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager option.

Clean boot windows 10 step 05

6. In the task manager, go to the Startup tab. Here, select each application and click on the Disable button appearing at the bottom of the window. This action will disable the startup item.

Clean boot windows 10 step 06

7. Once you are done, restart Windows 10. Since all the services and startup programs are disabled, Windows 10 will clean boot with just essential services.

Now, you can enable each service and startup item manually and see which application or service is causing the problem. Once you identify the problem, you can either completely disable that service or startup or remove the application from your system to solve the problem.

To enable all the services, simply open the System Configuration window again, go to that Services tab, click on the Select All button and then click on the Ok button to save changes. Restart your system and you should be out of the clean boot.

That is all. It is that simple to perform a clean boot on Windows 10. Comment below if you like to share your thoughts on Windows 10 clean boot.

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