How to Change Network Priority of Connection on Windows 10

Having multiple network connections is pretty normal on Windows. For example, my laptop has an ethernet port, WiFi card, and sometimes I even connect my mobile phone to connect to the internet via USB tethering or hotspot.

If you are using multiple network connections at the same time, Windows takes care of the network priority. The highest priority network is what you use. As you can guess, network priority reduces any potential network conflicts.

Thankfully, you can easily change the network priority with just a few clicks. By changing the network priority, you can prioritize one network over the other. Simply put, rather than letting Windows decide the network priority, you can set your own so that you can use the network of your choice. Just follow the below steps as is and you should good.

Note: The below steps are applicable to Windows 7 and 8 too.

Network Connection Priority

To change network priority, Windows provides all the relevant options in the adapter settings window. All we have to do is, set the priority and apply the changes.

To make things easier, we are only going to change the network priority of connection you want to prioritize.

For instance, when I’m using the internet via USB tethering, I want that connection to be prioritized over the regular ethernet connection or router WiFi connection. That way, I can use mobile data when I have connectivity problems with broadband. I don’t have to disable the ethernet adapter just to force the connection.

Windows uses numbers to set automatic priority. Typically, Windows uses numbers over 15 for all the network connections. The higher the number, the lower will be the priority. So, we are going to set the network priority to 10 for the connection of our choice. That way, it will be prioritized over all the other connections.

Steps to Change Network Connection Priority

1. Open the start menu, search for Network Status and click on it. You can also click on the Internet icon on the taskbar and click on the Network & Internet Settings link.

Change network priority step 01

2. In the Network Status window, click on the Change Adapter Options button appearing under Change Your Network Settings section.

Change network priority step 02

3. The above action will open the Network Adapter page in the Control Panel. Here, find the adapter you want to the change the priority of, right-click and select Properties.

Change network priority step 03

4. In the properties window select Intenet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on the Properties button.

Change network priority step 04

5. Here, make sure you are in the General tab. Next, click on the Advanced button appearing at the bottom of the window.

Change network priority step 05

6. Now, uncheck the Automatic Metric checkbox and enter 10 in the Interface Metric field. Click on the Ok button to save changes.

Change network priority step 06

7. Click Ok and Close buttons on the other Windows.

8. Reboot Windows to make the changes apply.

That is it. From now on, the network connection will be prioritized over the other connections.

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