How to Change Drive Icons in Windows 10 to Any Thing You Want

Windows lets you partition your hard drive into any number of partitions. Other than the Windows Installation drive. i.e, the C drive, all drive has the same drive icon. For better usability, it is good to have different drive icons. Follow these steps to change drive icons in Windows 10.

Now, most of you know that you can rename a drive by selecting the drive and pressing the F2 key on your keyboard. However, it is not that easy to change the drive icon. You have to go through a couple of hoops to do set a new icon to a drive or partition.

The good thing is, it is pretty easy. Let me show you how.


The icon should be in the ICO format. Most icons or images you download from the internet are in PNG or JPG format. If that’s the case, use this website to convert them to ICO format. Also, make sure that the icon is at least 512×512 in dimensions so that they appear sharp and clear.

If you don’t already have an icon, you can either google it or use web services like or

Steps to Change Drive Icon (Set Custom Icon to Drive Partition)

To set a new drive icon, all we have to do is create a new file and add the icon path in it. For example, I have a dedicated drive for my downloads folder. So, I can set a new drive icon to that drive by creating the said file and pointing it to the icon file.

1. First, copy the icon to the root of the drive for which you want to change or set the new icon. For example, since I want to change the D drive icon, I copied the downloaded icon to the root of D drive.

Note: If the icon is in some other drive, the trick may not work and you will see a blank page like icon instead of the regular or the changed icon.

Win 10 change drive icon - copy icon to root directory

2. Now, create a new text file and name it “autorun”.

Win 10 change drive icon - create autorun file

3. Open the text file and copy and paste the following code in it. Don’t forget to replace the IconName with the actual icon name.


4. Save the file and close it.

Win 10 change drive icon - enter code

5. Next, rename the file from “autorun.txt” to “autorun.inf”. Essentially, you are changing the file format from TXT to INF.

Win 10 change drive icon - rename autorun file

6. To make things look nicer, right-click on both the autorun.inf file and icon.ico file, select properties and then select the “Hidden” checkbox. This will make sure the file won’t appear when you are normally using the drive.

Win 10 change drive icon - hide autorun and icon file

7. Finally, restart the system and you should see the new drive icon in the file explorer.

Win 10 change drive icon - drive icon changed

That is all. It is that easy to change drive icon in Windows 10.

If you are stuck in the process or need some help, comment below. I will try to help as much as possible.

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